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Lyndon B. Johnson

Rating Obama’s presidency

Richard Fowler, Jimmy Failla and Sherrod Small on a poll on the best and worst presidents since World War II.

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  1. Crowley: This IRS scandal is the most dangerous scandal in US history

    FOX News contributor Monica Crowley weighs in on the IRS scandal and the feud between Reps. Darrell Issa and Elijah Cummings.

  2. Dietl: Hire US veterans for security at World Trade Center

    FOX News contributor Bo Dietl on U.S. military veterans, security at the World Trade Center and President Obama.

  3. Government Monitors More than 900M Credit Card Accounts

    The UK government is currently finishing loading all the medical records for that country's entire population onto one computer database, and plans to allow universi...

  4. Obama Says Work To End Poverty 'far From Over'

    The United States has made progress in ending poverty, but the job is "far from over," President Barack Obama said Wednesday marking the 50th anniversary of the War ...

  5. What to Expect at the IRS Hearings

    The "social welfare" mission for tax-exempt nonprofit groups certainly covers issues about government spending, government debt, federal taxes, "how the government i...

  6. America's 10 Richest Presidents

    Three years ago, 24/7 Wall St. published the net worth of every American president, from Washington to Obama. We have updated our numbers to reflect the earnings of ...

  7. The President Parties After Inauguration, But Will the Economy?

    Political strategist Paul Begala on what to expect during the president’s second term.

  8. Stossel - 1/3/2013

    Freedom 2.0: Examples of how markets regulate better than government

  9. Bringing Government Secrets to Light

    Author Chris Horner on the secrets being kept in the White House.

  10. Rep. Burgess on Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

    Rep. Michael Burgess, (R-Texas), on efforts to avoid the fiscal cliff.

  11. Lincoln Makes a Comeback on the Big Screen

    Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin on the adaptation of her book into the hit movie, “Lincoln”.

  12. Medicaid: What it Means and How You Qualify

    Unless you actually receive Medicaid, chances are you don't know much about this unique social safety net that provides health insurance to some 60 million poor Amer...

  1. The anniversary of the Civil Rights Act

    Sherrod Small, Kmele Foster and Kennedy weigh in on the anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.

  2. Are welfare programs doing more harm than good?

    WSJ Editorial Board Member Jason L. Riley argues government policies that interfere with self-development can do more harm than good.

  3. Can Hillary Clinton win the 2016 primary, election?

    The Daily Caller Senior Editor Jamie Weinstein, Republican Strategist Noelle Nikpour and FBN’s Charlie Gasparino on Hillary Clinton’s political future.

  4. Another smoking gun in the IRS scandal?

    FOX News contributor Monica Crowley with the latest on the IRS scandal.

  5. Who will be nominated for the 2014 Tony Awards?

    The Hollywood and Vine panel weighs in on Guns N’ Roses and who they think will be nominated for the 2014 Tony Awards.

  6. How Doris Kearns Goodwin went to work for LBJ

    Author and historian Doris Kearns Goodwin on her time with Lyndon Johnson , the Boston Marathon and President Obama’s presidency.

  7. Shiller calls for more taxes to help solve income inequality

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino, Penn Financial Group president Matt McCall, and United Advisors chief market strategist Scott Martin discuss income inequality.

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