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Tax hikes on the rich stand to impair entrepreneurial growth

The Peebles Corporation Chairman and CEO Don Peebles on taxing the rich and how that impacts entrepreneurial growth.

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  1. Chris Wallace: Beck Can Hold His Own

    FNC's Chris Wallace on interviewing Glenn Beck.

  2. Glenn Beck on Race Relations in America

    FNC's Glenn Beck on issues of race relations and opportunities for understanding.

  3. Glenn Beck on Hope, Faith and Charity

    FNC’s Glenn Beck on the loss of hope, faith, and charity in America.

  4. Brinkley: I Liked Theodore Roosevelt the Most

    Historian Douglas Brinkley on the legacies of American presidents.

  5. Remembering MLK, By Shopping?

    Democratic Strategist Carl Jeffers on whether shopping on Martin Luther King Jr. day is an appropriate way to commemorate the holiday.

  6. Mapping Out the Next Stimulus

    Rep. Kilpatrick on Obama's stimulus plan.

  1. Obama Shortens Asia Trip Amid Shutdown

    President Barack Obama on Wednesday scaled down a long-planned trip to Asia, as a U.S. government shutdown entered a second day with no end in sight to the funding r...

  2. What to Expect if the US Government Shuts Down

    A U.S. government shutdown is possible on Oct. 1, the first day of fiscal 2014, because Congress has so far failed to find a way to pay for it.A closure would have f...

  3. Kick Off 2012 With One Common Goal in Mind

    With only two weeks left to go before ringing in 2012, I have been thinking a lot about the past year–about the milestones my company set forth back in January and t...

  4. White House Considers Selling U.S. Property to Raise Cash

    Motivational speaker and author Larry Winget on why the government can raise money by selling property, but it doesn’t address the underlying budget problems.

  5. Quake Damages Washington's National Cathedral

    Three spires on the Washington National Cathedral, site of state funerals for several U.S. presidents, broke and fell and the U.S. Capitol suffered some minor damage...

  6. Still Little Movement in the Budget Battle

    Fmr. White House Economic Policy Director Todd Buchholz on the impact of a government shutdown.

  7. The Clueless Senator from Vermont

    March 10, 2011 09:37 AM UTC by John StosselThe Clueless Senator from VermontSenator Bernie Sanders, I-VT, was so outraged that trinkets made at the Smithsonian are n...

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