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Laura Bush

Secret Service erasing surveillance tapes?

Author Deirdre Imus, Fox News Contributor Bo Dietl, ‘Imus in the Morning’s’ Bernard McGuirk and Mike Gunzelman sound off on topics that make them most angry.

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  1. Kantor on Life Inside the Obama White House

    Author Jodi Kantor on her now book, “The Obamas”

  2. Kantor: Book Draws Back Curtain on White House

    Author Jodi Kantor on her now book, “The Obamas”

  3. Is Obama’s Consolidation Effort Purely Political?

    FNC political analyst Juan Williams on the President’s effort to consolidate six government departments and Michelle Obama upset over the depiction of her in a new book.

  4. What’s an Appropriate Role for a First Lady?

    FOX News Legal Analyst Lis Wiehl and Deirdre Imus on the impact of the First Lady in American history.

  5. King: Holder Has Lost Credibility as AG

    Rep. Peter King, (R-N.Y.), on the future of attorney General Eric Holder and operation “Fast and Furious”.

  6. President Obama Wraps Up Bus Tour

    FNC's Ed Henry breaks down what Obama and the First Lady is addressing at Langley Air Force Base.

  7. Nitpicking the President’s Jobs Plan

    FNC’s Andrea Tantaros discusses how Republicans will deal with administration’s latest efforts to boost job growth.

  8. The Government’s Wasteful Wartime Spending

    FNC national security analyst K.T. McFarland on the government’s wasteful spending in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  9. Our Tedious Penchant for Partisanship

    Don’t you wish we could all be presented with a political issue or dilemma and get the facts on both sides, but not have any idea what party benefits either way? Tha...

  10. Crowley: Ground Zero Mosque Bad Idea

    FNC contributor Monica Crowley argues against the building of a mosque near Ground Zero.

  11. Chris Wallace on Nashville Flooding

    FNC’s Chris Wallace on the flood’s impact on Nashville residents and historic landmarks.

  12. Teddy Roosevelt Treaties Led to WWII War in Pacific?

    “Flags of Our Fathers” author James Bradley argues President Theodore Roosevelt’s secret treaties with Japan led to the Pacific war of World War II.

  1. Was President Obama too political in Selma speech?

    Hope Christian Church Senior Pastor Bishop Harry Jackson on the state of race relations in America.

  2. Premium Bourbons Take Off

    FBN’s Jeff Flock reports from Brown-Forman on the boom in premium bourbons.

  3. Should Employees Be Able to Work from Home?

    FOX News legal analyst Lis Wiehl and Deirdre Imus debate the pros and cons of working at home.

  4. Lenox’s history on Inauguration Day

    Timothy Carder on creating the official Inaugural gifts

  5. Cowan: Iraq is a Mess

    FOX News Contributor Lt. Col. Bill Cowan argues that Iraq will have stronger relations with Syria and Iran after the U.S. leaves.

  6. Gov. Walker: I Have to Fulfill My Commitment to Wisc. Voters

    Gov. Scott Walker, (R-Wisc.), on the Wisconsin recall election and whether he would consider running for Vice President.

  7. Catholic League President on Marriage, Family

    Catholic League President Bill Donohue on same-sex marriage and the state of marriage and family in America.

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