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Lame Duck Session

Big risks, big rewards as Bubba hits the trail

Bill Clinton back on campaign trail. Plus - ObamaCare brings changes for seniors.

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  1. Obama: We can't cut our way to prosperity

    President on passage of fiscal cliff deal

  2. Political System Root of Fiscal Problems?

    Rick Newman, U.S. News and World Report, weighs in on the fiscal cliff stalemate and what it will take to turn things around in Washington.

  3. Rep. West: Why does Obama want to raise taxes on anyone?

    Florida congressman weighs on fiscal cliff

  4. Mich. Gov. Vetoes Concealed Weapons Bill

    Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday vetoed a bill that would have permitted people to carry concealed weapons in public areas including hospitals, schools and dayca...

  5. Lame Duck session regulations could top $100B

    Are they necessary?

  6. Washington Gridlock as Dems, GOP Lock Horns

    Congressional Republicans dug in on their opposition to raising taxes on the wealthy on Thursday, even as polls showed them at a growing disadvantage in the U.S. "fi...

  7. Insight: How Republicans engineered a blow to Michigan's powerful unions

    LANSING, Michigan (Reuters) - As a trained aerospace engineer, Patrick Colbeck applied his penchant for data analysis and "systematic approach" to his new job in ear...

  8. The argument against right-to-work laws in Michigan

    Democratic State Senate leader responds to governor's argument to sign right-to-work legislation in Michigan

  9. Would Reaching The Fiscal Cliff Benefit The White House Agenda?

    American Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Peter Wallison on the fiscal cliff negotiations.

  10. Rep. Sensenbrenner: EPA is Tone-Deaf to What American People Want

    Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, (R-Wis.), on why he is trying to halt the sale of E15 gasoline.

  11. Power Play 12/4/2012

    Democrats try to hold the line on entitlements. What would actually pass the Senate? And the consequences of stalemate.

  12. Are We Closer to a Fiscal Cliff Deal Than We Think?

    'Special Report' host Bret Baier on fiscal cliff talks.

  1. Conservatives, GOP argue over best way to reform immigration

    Reaction from Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham

  2. Power Play 1/30/2013

    Senate democrats seek to sway public on gun control, deadline on immigration and Hagel nomination

  3. Power Play with Chris Stirewalt

    President Obama takes the oath of office. Chris Stirewalt hosts a special edition of Power Play for the 2013 Presidential Inauguration.

  4. The history of presidential inaugurations

    Megyn Kelly examines the great American tradition

  5. Illinois Mounting $96B Pension Deficit

    Illinois Policy Center’s John Tillman on the state’s underfunded pensions.

  6. Chicago has tough gun laws, leads nation in gun violence

    Mike Tobin reports from Illinois

  7. Fiscal Cliff Deal a Short-Term Good for Markets

    KBW senior vice president of Washington research Brian Gardner weighs in on the fiscal cliff deal and his outlook for the markets.

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