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Kim Jong-un

You can now buy McDonald’s secret Big Mac sauce?

FBN’s Melissa Francis covers the biggest money headlines of the week.

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  1. The cauldron of disorder

    Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass says the Middle East is unraveling and we haven’t seen the worst of it yet.

  2. Where is Kim Jong Un ?

    Author of “Dear Reader” Michael Malice discusses North Korea, the country’s political leaders and Kim Jong Un ’s disappearance.

  3. North Korean leader wears heels?

    Stifel Nicolaus Portfolio Manager Chad Morganlander, Tea Party News Network News Director Scottie Nell Hughes, Democratic Strategist Tara Dowdell, FBN’s Charles Payne, retail analyst Hitha Prabhakar and Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall on reports North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un sprained both his ankles from wearing Cuban heels.

  4. North Korea requiring men to get Kim Jong-un ’s haircut?

    Author and journalist Gordon Chang on North Korea, Kim Jong-un , and the crisis in Ukraine.

  5. North Korea Jitters Send South Korean Stocks Spiraling

    South Korea's benchmark index tumbled another 1.6% on Friday as North Korea and its leader Kim Jong Un rattle global investors with increasingly-hostile rhetoric.The...

  6. North Korea Sits Atop Geopolitical Worry List

    Wall Street's geopolitical concerns usually center on the Middle East, but investors are now nervously listening to the saber-rattling emerging from the Korean penin...

  7. McFarland: Karzai is Incompetent

    National-security analyst KT McFarland on the growing threats from North Korea and comments from the Afghanistan President about the U.S. and the Taliban.

  8. North Korea Continues with Nuclear Threats

    Council of Foreign Relations President Richard Haass on growing tensions between the U.S. and North Korea and America’s relationship with Afghanistan.

  9. The Most (and Least) Peaceful Countries

    In 2011, world peace improved for the first time in three years. Incidents of terrorism fell and the global economic downturn decreased violence by reducing the amou...

  10. White House Pulling Back Aid After N. Korea Rocket Fail

    FBN’s Rich Edson on the recent failure of the North Korean missile launch.

  11. How Can the U.S. Stop North Korea’s Rocket Launch?

    'The Coming Collapse of China' author Gordon Chang on the implications of North Korea's rocket launch.

  12. Is Cash Really Going to Disappear?

    There's really nothing like the feel, smell and look of a new $100 bill in your hand. In fact, the only thing better than holding one of those crisp Benjamins is hol...

  1. Paris terror attacks motivated by anti-Semitism?

    Rabbi Shmuley Boteach discusses the terror attacks in Paris and anti-Semitism in France and the United States.

  2. Juan Williams: Al Sharpton is always out for a buck

    FNC political analyst Juan Williams on the impact of Al Sharpton.

  3. Sony to allow some theaters to play ‘The Interview’ on Christmas

    Tim League of the Alamo Drafthouse on Sony’s decision to allow some theaters to show ‘The Interview.’

  4. Sony-Dish talks on ‘The Interview’ release fall apart

    FBN’s Peter Barnes, Lido Isle Advisers CEO Jason Rotman and Yacktman Asset Management Partner Jason Subotky discuss the latest on Sony’s secret plans to release ‘The Interview’ on Dish.

  5. Who has the power over portfolios?

    Former Economic Adviser to President Obama Austan Goolesbee, SunTrust Senior Market Strategist Keith Lerner, Mark Newton of Greywolf Partners and Chris Robinson of Top Third AG Markets on which leader has the greatest impact on your portfolio.

  6. Asian markets mixed

    Business reporter Tracey Chang on what drove Asian markets Thursday.

  7. Futures soaring thanks to the Fed

    FBN’s Ashley Webster on the markets rallying thanks to the Fed’s statement.

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