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Khalid Shaikh Mohammed

Pelosi: Dick Cheney 'set the tone' for CIA torture

Reaction from former VP's daughter, Liz Cheney

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  1. The Foxhole: How’s American intelligence shaped after 9/11 ?

    Author J. Michael Allen explains the efforts to reform America’s national security after the September 11th terrorist attacks

  2. Gutfeld: Greenpeace's global warming propaganda

    Controversial ad claims Christmas is canceled

  3. 121113_greenpeace_509


  4. How secure is your webcam?

    Theresa Payton, former White House chief information officer, on report the FBI can access your webcam

  5. Sen. Lindsey Graham demands access to Benghazi survivors

    Key Republican senator threatens to block all federal nominations until survivors of the Benghazi attack appear before Congress

  6. Anger over gov't blocking access to Benghazi survivors

    Sen. Graham sounds off

  7. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed wants a laptop?

    Are we coddling the terror mastermind ?

  8. Miller Time: Spying on the French

    The ‘Sage of Southern California’ sounds off on the NSA, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and ObamaCare

  9. Mystery deepens around girl found in gypsy camp

    Anna Kooiman reports from New York

  10. Mukasey: One week not long enough to interrogate Al Liby

    Former attorney general on Obama administration's terror approach

  11. Boots on the ground instead of drones?

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  12. Concern over Afghan presidential candidate’s Bin Laden ties

    Jennifer Griffin reports

  1. Terror informant: Malaysian men planned to hijack a plane

    Reaction from Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA's bin Laden unit

  2. New focus on role of CIA official in Benghazi controversy

    Report sheds light on post-attack narrative

  3. 9/11 survivor reacts to terrorist mastermind's manifesto

    Lauren Manning says terrorist 'took the coward's path'

  4. New revelations from Robert Gates' memoir

    Former defense secretary claims president told public Afghanistan war was going well, told aids strategy wasn't working

  5. Two media outlets publish 9/11 mastermind's manifesto

    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed reveals thoughts in new document

  6. Sobering study on future of American leadership?

    Poll: 73% of kids don't want to be president

  7. Exclusive: Debra Burlingame blasts Lynne Stewart's release

    Former lawyer convicted of aiding terrorist granted 'compassionate release'

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