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Kent Conrad

Bipartisan Policy Center launches retirement initiative

Former Sen . Kent Conrad and WL Ross vice chairman James Lockhart on tackling retirement issues.

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  1. Are Members of Congress Committing Insider Trading?

    Washington Post staff writer Kimberly Kindy and University of Minnesota Law Professor Richard Painter on members of Congress reportedly making changes to their portfolios after talking to Treasury and Fed officials.

  2. Rep. Tom Price on the Lack of Progress Towards a Federal Budget

    Rep. Tom Price, (R-Ga.), on the lack of a federal budget in the last three years.

  3. Jobs, Gas, Economy: What Matters Most for 2012 Elections?

    Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former CBO director, on the economic recovery and how it will impact the 2012 elections.

  4. Spending Fight Begins as GOP Budget Plan Unveiled

    The 2013 spending fight has started.  In unveiling their latest budget proposal, House Republicans propose spending $19 billion less than Democrats and Republicans a...

  5. CBO: U.S. Budget Deficit Will Hit $1.08T

    The United States is headed for a fourth straight year with a $1 trillion-plus budget deficit, congressional forecasters said on Tuesday, giving Republicans ammuniti...

  6. Lobbyists Feeling the Pinch

    Former Lobbyist Jack Abramoff argues funds are dwindling for political influence and the industry is having less impact in D.C.

  7. Rivlin: Disappointed Supercommittee Failed

    White House Debt Panel member Alice Rivlin on the continued efforts reach a deal on debt negotiations.

  8. Simpson: No Shared Sacrifice in U.S.

    Former Sen. Alan Simpson on the failure of the Bowles-Simpson Act and America’s economic future.

  9. Sen. Lugar: Can’t Wait for Government Action

    Sen. Richard Lugar, (R-Ind.), argues the government must act on the economy and taxes before the 2012 election.

  10. SEC Chair Says Probing MF Global Accounting

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is probing the accounting treatment that helped mask MF Global's exposure to risky foreign sovereign debt, the head of th...

  11. Sen. Conrad on the Debt Talks

    Sen . Kent Conrad , (D-ND), on the progress in the debt negotiations.

  12. Senate Group Offers $3.8T in Deficit Cuts

    A bipartisan group of senators offered an ambitious plan Tuesday that could revive stalled U.S. debt talks and the prospect of a long-term deficit reduction deal to ...

  1. Sen. Brown: D.C. Should Not Be on Vacation Right Now

    Sen. Scott Brown, (R-Mass.), on the lack of leadership in D.C. to solve the national debt problem.

  2. Washington Gridlock as Dems, GOP Lock Horns

    Congressional Republicans dug in on their opposition to raising taxes on the wealthy on Thursday, even as polls showed them at a growing disadvantage in the U.S. "fi...

  3. Warren to Serve on Senate Banking Committee

    Wall Street critic and Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren will join the Senate Banking Committee next year where she is likely to be a loud voice in favor of tight finan...

  4. Washington Mulls New Fiscal 'Failsafe' Mechanism

    Of the many distasteful elements to the year-end "fiscal cliff" that Washington is desperately trying to avoid, few are more loathed than the automatic, indiscrimina...

  5. 20 Key Players in U.S. 'Fiscal Cliff' Drama

    After the November 6 elections, urgent tax and spending issues must be addressed, forcing Washington's power players to make some tough decisions before the end of t...

  6. Lawmakers May Delay 'Fiscal Cliff' Deadlines

    Slowly and quietly, the U.S. Congress may be arriving at a consensus on how to avoid falling off the "fiscal cliff" on December 31 - by simply putting off its own de...

  7. Bernanke, Lawmakers Talk Fiscal Cliff Scenarios

    Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke warned members of the Senate Finance Committee that the so-called fiscal cliff could damage the U.S. economy, Senators wh...

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