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Karl Rove

Fox News Poll: Christie, Bush, Paul lead GOP 2016 pack

Karl Rove weighs in on what early picture reveals about presidential race

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  1. Karl Rove on political ramifications over ObamaCare fallout

    How the midterms may play out amid health law troubles

  2. Rove: ObamaCare's an 'unmitigated policy disaster'

    Former Bush senior advisor doesn't have kind words for the president's Affordable Care Act on its 4th birthday

  3. ObamaCare's 4-year odyssey

    A look back at key moments in President Obama's controversial signature legislation

  4. Auto Syndicate Anvato

    Test of Auto Syndication

  5. Karl Rove : Latest ObamaCare delay is 'just politics'

    Fox News contributor breaks down the math of Affordable Care Act enrollment

  6. Rove: 'Chickens coming home to roost' on Obama

    Former Bush senior advisor: President and US world stature paying for his 'hands off' foreign policy, US giving up Internet control seen as weak, Putin 'played Obama for a sucker'

  7. Obama tone-deaf on American 'weakness'?

    Former Fla. congressman Allen West on president's comments on cuts to the US military during his trip abroad and growing criticism of his leadership and handling of Putin and the Ukraine crisis

  8. President makes final pitch for ObamaCare before deadline

    Karl Rove on race to reach enrollment goal

  9. Fireworks over Moscow celebrate annexation of Crimea

    Reaction from Fox News contributor Karl Rove

  10. Pro-Russian troops take Ukrainian naval base in Crimea

    Ed Henry reports from Washington, D.C.

  11. Should Russia be thrown out of the G8?

    Karl Rove breaks down political fallout from tensions in Crimea following Moscow's takeover

  12. US power failure: A price of Obama's failed leadership?

    Karl Rove on Mitt Romney's op-ed on the consequences of alleged Obama's missteps in handling of Putin and the Ukraine and other world crises

  1. Will Census changes obscure the truth about ObamaCare?

    Critics say it will be more difficult to measure the health care law's impact

  2. Will DOJ pursue criminal charges against Lois Lerner?

    Reps. Levin and Boustany weigh in

  3. Rove: Holder put on display of 'whininess and self-pity'

    Former Bush senior advisor: Criticism of Attorney General deserved, race card play after heated exchange with Rep. Gohmert unbecoming of his office and he should resign

  4. Crowley: This IRS scandal is the most dangerous scandal in US history

    FOX News contributor Monica Crowley weighs in on the IRS scandal and the feud between Reps. Darrell Issa and Elijah Cummings.

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  6. Did Lerner help direct IRS targeting of conservative groups?

    Fox News contributor Karl Rove weighs in

  7. Obama admin just hoping Benghazi just fades away?

    Karl Rove sounds off on former acting CIA Chief Michael Morell's testimony before the House and ongoing lingering questions

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