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Karl Rove

Political impact of Burger King-Tim Hortons deal

FOX News contributor Karl Rove on the Burger King-Tim Hortons deal, the 2014 midterms and President Obama’s foreign policy.

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  1. Karl Rove : Health reform needed, but it’s not ObamaCare

    Karl Rove , former senior advisor to President George W. Bush, weighs in on ObamaCare and Rep. David Jolly.

  2. Young people still supporting President despite ObamaCare?

    FNC contributor Judith Miller and Brad Blakeman, former advisor to President George W. Bush, on ObamaCare.

  3. Inside Look: The Genesis of IRS Political Pressure

    The 2010 Congressional midterm elections were approaching. Attacks on the Tea Party and groups calling for less government spending and taxation were in full swing.P...

  4. Democrats Call For Tax-Exempt Controls

    As they joined Republicans on Tuesday in bashing the Internal Revenue Service for targeting conservative groups that sought tax-exempt status, Senate Democrats had a...

  5. Dobbs: Beware Of Obama's 'Grand Bargain'

    FBN's Lou Dobbs on Obama's congressional outreach.

  6. Karl Rove : Cuts Won’t Cut It!

    Fox News contributor Karl Rove breaks down the basics of sequestration and how its outcome will affect the American people.

  7. On debt ceiling, markets hopeful Washington has learned a lesson

    The U.S. government is expected to bump up against its legal borrowing limit by March, and it would be hard to fault investors for feeling edgy.The last fight over t...

  8. Baier: Congress Will Make Short-Term Solution, Punt Deal to Next Year

    FNC’s Bret Baier on the government’s attempt to avoid an economic downturn.

  9. Stossel - 11/8/2012

    Stossel and guests look at what President Obama's re-election means for liberty

  10. Which Issues Brought Americans to the Polls?

    FBN’s political experts on the ballot issues that impacted the election.

  11. Rove on Obama Re-Election

    Former Bush advisor Karl Rove breaks down the election results.

  12. MacCallum on Election Movers

    FNC’s Martha MacCallum on the Issues that helped the president win re-election.

  1. President Obama’s leadership on Ferguson

    FNC’s Harris Faulkner and former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove on President Obama’s statements on the situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

  2. Karl Rove on Obama’s fundraising, midterm elections

    FOX News contributor Karl Rove on President Obama’s fundraising, a federal appeals court ruling to strike down some ObamaCare subsidies and the 2014 midterm elections.

  3. Valerie Jarrett comments on Boehner, immigration ‘lost in translation?’

    Radio talk show host Chris Plante and Republican strategist Mercedes Schlapp on the immigration reform debate.

  4. Should the U.S. send troops to Nigeria?

    The Mensa panel weighs in on Karl Rove , the Pope and the Nigeria kidnappings.

  5. WHO wants government intervention on alcohol-related deaths

    Author Deirdre Imus and FNC’s Lis Wiehl on the Lewinsky-Clinton scandal, the Nigeria kidnappings and the World Health Organization.

  6. Tea Party’s impact on the midterm elections underestimated?

    ‘Hidden Order’ author Brad Thor on the Tea Party and Sen. Marco Rubio’s comments that he has enough experience to be President.

  7. Obama to deny Keystone permit?

    Karl Rove says denying the Keystone permit is a stupid political move for Obama.

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