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Jon Kyl

Growing concerns over the growing power of the presidency

Sens. Kyl, Bayh debate the future of the reform

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  1. Lieberman 'troubled' by President Obama's comments on Syria

    Former senator warns of 'fuzzy red line'

  2. Has the time come for US airstrikes in Syria?

    Weighing American strategy moving forward

  3. Is the Republican Party alive and well?

    Karl Rove says GOP isn't headed for 'dustbin' of history

  4. Will Obama's 'charm offensive' work?

    Latest on budget gridlock in Washington

  5. Perry joins criticism over release of illegal immigrants

    Growing calls for Obama administration to take responsibility

  6. Sen. Marco Rubio a 'linchpin' for immigration reform?

    A look at latest effort for new legislation

  7. Fox News Reporting: Judging Sotomayor

    In a nation run by the rule of law, they're the final word

  8. The coming cost of ObamaCare

    A doctor's perspective

  9. FNC Video


  10. FNC Video

    FNC Video

  11. GOP senators roll out new immigration reform bill

    Legislation addresses path to citizenship for young illegal immigrants

  12. GOP introduce their own version of immigration reform

    Steve Centanni reports from Washington, D.C.

  1. WH knew millions would lose doctors despite Obama's promise

    Fox News confirms the administration was aware of the issue in 2010

  2. Americans not sharing President’s enthusiasm over ObamaCare?

    Former Sen . Jon Kyl , (R-Ariz.), and former Sen. Byron Dorgan, (D-ND), on the health-care law.

  3. Growing Divides Within Republican, Democratic Parties?

    Former Sen . Jon Kyl , (R-Ariz.), and former Sen. Byron Dorgan, (D-ND), on the factors causing a divide within the Republican Party as well as within the Democratic Party and the impact of the health-care law.

  4. Trailblazer Whistleblower on Latest NSA Scandal

    Former NSA analyst J. Kirke Wiebe discusses the government's data mining and what made him blow the lid on Trailblazer.

  5. Buyer's remorse on Holder

    Republican senator Johnny Isakson says 'approving Eric Holder' was 'the worst vote I ever took in the United States Senate.'

  6. Does 'Gang of 8' bill stand a chance?

    Jon Kyl reacts to the future of immigration reform

  7. Power Play 5/8/2013

    Benghazi hearings begin and Thomas Perez headed to vote as Labor Secretary. Plus is there dissent among Democrats on the Benghazi probe?

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