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Johnny Isakson

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Sen. Isakson: The President is the only person against the XL Pipeline

Sen . Johnny Isakson , (R-Ga.), on the future of the Keystone Pipeline.

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  1. Why Home-Buyer Tax Credit Should be Expanded

    Sen . Johnny Isakson , (R-GA), on his bill to expand and extend the first-time home buyer tax credit.

  2. Lawmaker: Housing to Lead us Out of Slump

    Sen . Johnny Isakson , (R-GA), on why the tax credit for home buyers should be extended.

  3. 'Government Doesn't Know Auto Business'

    Sen . Johnny Isakson on the (many) new chiefs of Detroit.

  4. Pols Cross Aisle for Anti-Fraud Bill

    Meltdown Task Force

  1. Sen . Johnny Isakson : We have to give choice to our veterans

    Sen . Johnny Isakson , (R-Ga.), on the Veterans Affairs scandal and the White House prisoner swap deal.

  2. Taxing the Rich the Spark that Starts Class Warfare?

    Sen . Johnny Isakson , (R-Ga.), on the impact of higher taxes and ways in which you can reduce debt with changing tax rates.

  3. Sen. Isakson: We Weren’t Prepared for Benghazi Attacks

    Sen . Johnny Isakson (R-GA) on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s investigation into the Benghazi attacks.

  4. Sen. Isakson: The Labor Board has Run Amok

    Sen . Johnny Isakson blasts the NLRB.

  5. Strings Attached: New Refi Plan Comes at a Price

    When President Obama announced his sweeping plan to help more homeowners refinance their mortgages at lower interest rates, he left out one important detail -- a fee...

  6. New Bill Looks to Help Americans Avoid Foreclosure

    Sen . Johnny Isakson , (R-Ga.), on the bill he is co-sponsoring to help people avoid foreclosure in an effort to help the housing market.

  7. Benefits of Tax-Credit Extension

    Sen . Johnny Isakson , (R-Ga.), on extending the homebuyer tax credit program.

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