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John McCain

Political divisiveness the biggest concern among Americans?

Friess Associates Founder Foster Friess and FBN’s Neil Cavuto on the issues Republican presidential candidates need to focus on to win in 2016.

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  1. Gasparino: Welch telling friends he’s leaning towards endorsing Cruz

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino reports that Jack Welch is telling his friends that he’s leaning towards endorsing Sen. Ted Cruz for president in 2016.

  2. Sen. McCain on bid for 6th Senate term, Iran nuclear talks

    Sen . John McCain , (R-AZ), discusses his bid for his sixth Senate term, U.S. foreign policy and the Iran nuclear talks.

  3. Dick Gregory on the South Carolina shooting

    Comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory discusses the South Carolina shooting.

  4. Will Hillary Clinton embrace or avoid President Obama’s policies?

    Former Special Counsel to President Clinton Lanny Davis on whether Hillary Clinton will embrace or run from Obama’s policies.

  5. Rudy Giuliani sounds off on Obama’s foreign policy

    Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani argues ISIS developed because the Obama Administration took its eye off the ball.

  6. Rudy Giuliani on 2016 race

    Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani on the capital gains rate and the 2016 race for the White House.

  7. Report: Team Hillary aims to raise $2.5B

    Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses Hillary Clinton’s campaign donations for her 2016 presidential bid.

  8. Hillary Clinton playing ‘identity politics?’’s Herman Cain weighs in on Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy and a report about a victim of the 2009 Fort Hood shootings who is still being denied benefits for injuries sustained in the attack.

  9. GE announces monster $50B buyback

    GE is selling its finance business GE Capital for $26 billion and also plans to buy back as much as $50 billion worth of stock. Leading GE analyst Nick Heymann on whether the stock is a buy.

  10. Does Rand Paul stand a chance?

    Former Bain Capital Managing Partner Ed Conard on Senator Rand Paul entering the 2016 presidential race.

  11. GPS to monitor your pet while traveling

    Mashable tech reporter Samantha Murphy Kelly on the new video game by Lumo that projects the game on to a floor or wall, a smart bike that can do the work for you and Delta offering passengers a GPS tracker to keep tabs on their pet they are traveling with.

  12. Herman Cain on worldwide violence on Christianity’s Herman Cain weighs in on President Obama and the worldwide violence against Christians.

  1. Neil Cavuto’s take on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid

    FBN’s Neil Cavuto weighs in on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid, Lindsey Graham and Dick Grasso.

  2. Future of the A-10 Warthog in doubt?

    U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sgt. Jessie Jane Duff, (Ret.), joins the Making Money panel to discuss mounting tensions with Iran and efforts to retire the U.S. A-10 Warthog fleet.

  3. Nick Loeb suing ex-fiance Sofia Vergara over frozen embryos

    Author Deirdre Imus and FNC’s Lis Wiehl weigh in on Nick Loeb’s lawsuit against Sofia Vergara and Kraft’s decision to remove artificial dyes and preservatives from its macaroni and cheese products.

  4. Obama slams Saudis over military involvement in Yemen

    Former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Robert Jordan on the Islamic State pushing to takeover Ramadi, Obama slamming the Saudi’s military involvement in Yemen and problems with the nuclear deal with Iran.

  5. Would an Iran nuclear deal make America safer?

    Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham weighs in on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid, the GOP candidates for 2016 and the Iran nuclear talks.

  6. Gasparino: Morgan Stanley engulfed in civil war

    Sources tell FBN’s Charlie Gasparino the environment at Morgan Stanley between CEO James Gorman and brokers is toxic.

  7. Perfect time to be president?

    Fox News Contributor Jedediah Bila, Fox News Analyst Monica Crowley and standup comedian Joe DeVito on Hillary Clinton’s campaign and airport luggage theft.

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