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John Edwards

Bias Bash: Clinton files show plan to manipulate media

Cal Thomas on how the Clinton administration worked to discourage negative press

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  1. Joe Biden and Hillary: The biggest losers from Gates' book

    Will the explosive accusations in the former defense secretary's book hurt 2016 hopes for Clinton and Biden?

  2. Early analysis of the 2016 race for the WH

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  3. Power Play 12/18/2013: Judge rules against NSA

    Judge blasts Obama on governance by 'secret law' and Christmas creepers for ObamaCare. Plus - Hillary gets a cold shoulder in Iowa.

  4. Bias Bash: Jana Winter's case a victory for journalism

    Judy Miller on why all journalists should be aware of the reporter's story

  5. 'As Seen on TV' holiday gift guide

    Which deals are worth your dollars?

  6. Ken Cuccinelli talks health care issues, jobs

    Virginia attorney general takes Center Seat

  7. Best of 'On the Record at 10': Politics Edition

    As OTR prepares to move to its new 7 pm ET time slot, we take a look back at some of our most provocative interviews in politics in the past 11-plus years

  8. Young analyst draws Wall Street ire taking on Kinder Morgan

    Kevin Kaiser, a 26-year-old analyst only three years into his first job out of the Ivy League, jolted Wall Street last week with a pithy email taking aim at North Am...

  9. 2016 Speculation Gets Early Start

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the speculation into who will run for President in the 2016 election.

  10. Will WH labeling scandals as 'phony' backfire?

    Potential impact of recent comments

  11. Nick Cannon On Royal Baby Buzz, Mariah Carey

    Nick Cannon weighs in on royal baby buzz, wife Mariah Carey, and more.

  12. Power Play 7/22/2013: Obama on Zimmerman case

    Was it appropriate for Obama to weigh in on Zimmerman case? Can Detroit be fixed? And is the VA Gov. Debate a litmus test for national elections in 2014? Chris and guests discuss

  1. Report: Obama sought record number of tax increases

    Time to end tax hikes in favor of a flat tax?

  2. What to expect from new Ford F-150

    Ford Motor Company’s Joe Hinrichs on the pickup truck’s state-of-the-art engine

  3. Media question Biden, Hillary on age

    Is topic valid?

  4. '2016' co-producer on the prosecution of Dinesh D'Souza

    Gerald Molen sounds off

  5. Who deserves blame for Benghazi?

    Reaction in Friday's Lightning Round edition of the All-Star panel

  6. Are conservative political activists being targeted?

    Doug McKelway reports from Washington

  7. Former Virginia Gov. McDonnell denies bribery charges

    Legal debate over accusations

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