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Joe Sestak

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  1. Do Republicans have an effective plan to tackle the deficit?

    Former congressmen Joe Sestak and Bob Beauprez weigh in

  2. How will Gifford’s time in Congress be remembered?

    Former Congressman Joe Sestak reflects on her time in office

  3. Would Obama Sign the Boehner Bill?

    Fmr. Rep . Joe Sestak , (D-Pa.), on the debt negotiations and the future of the Boehner bill.

  4. Politics vs. Pragmatism: Obama's Decision

    Joe Sestak on next step in Afghanistan

  5. Sestak: No One Will Win Libyan Civil War

    Rep . Joe Sestak gives his recommendations on U.S. role in Libya

  6. Joe Sestak on Obama's Mideast Speech

    Former congressman and admiral on Israel, Syria

  7. Does Libya Need More Than Military Action?

    Former Rep . Joe Sestak weighs in

  8. Will Obama Offer Bold Leadership?

    Former Congressman Joe Sestak ’s expectations for the president

  9. Security Stepped Up Over Killing of Bin Laden

    Former Congressman Joe Sestak on security precautions

  10. Signs of Improvement in April Employment?

    Rep . Joe Sestak (D-Penn.) and Rep. Charles Boustany, Jr. (R-La.) on April's employment numbers.

  11. The Lack of a Clear Political Objective in Libya

    Fmr. Rep . Joe Sestak , (R-Penn.), on the mixed messages of what the U.S.'s objectives are in taking part in the military intervention in Libya.

  12. Issa Questions Legality of Sestak Job Offer

    Rep. Darrell Issa, (R-Calif), on why he is seeking an investigation into the reported job offer to Rep . Joe Sestak , (D-Pa.).

  1. New concerns developing from conflict in the Middle East

    Joe Sestak & Robert C. O'Brien on whether resolution was effective or just kicked ball down the road

  2. Could Susan Rice be the next secretary of state?

    Ford O'Connell, Rep . Joe Sestak weigh in

  3. U.S. Drone Attacked

    Former congressman Joe Sestak on the Iranian attack on the unmanned U.S. Drone over a week ago.

  4. Admiral Joe Sestak on the Rising Tension in the Strait of Hormuz

    Admiral Joe Sestak , U.S. Navy (Retired), on the increasing tension in the Strait of Hormuz and its impact on oil prices.

  5. Lack of accountability in the 'Fast and Furious' scandal?

    Amos Snead and Joe Sestak discuss why trust in the Government is eroding

  6. New analysis: GOP may win control of both houses of congress

    Representatives Joe Sestak and Bob McEwen weigh in

  7. What factors lead to Walker’s win in Wisconsin?

    Amos Snead and Joe Sestak break down Tuesday’s recall vote

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