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Joe Lieberman

Lieberman on new domestic terror report

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman , (I-CT), on the potential risks to America’s power grid from terrorism.

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  1. Stossel 10/17/2013: 17,000,000,000,000 Problems

    Stossel asks people how they feel about government spending and the national debt

  2. Should Republicans reconsider their party's future?

    Ann Coulter on the GOP's direction in the next election

  3. Brian Kilmeade and Ann Romney

    Brian Kilmeade and Ann Romney

  4. Ann Romney on politics, family life, and Mitt

    Ann Romney, wife of former Governor Mitt Romney, sits down with Brian to discuss her new cookbook and reflects on the 2012 presidential election.

  5. White House getting more proactive in enforcing regulations?

    Former Sen. Joe Lieberman , (I-Conn.), on the White House push for greater enforcement of regulations.

  6. Are the expected government fines against JPMorgan retaliation?

    Former Sen. Joe Lieberman , (I-Conn.), on the potential fines against JPMorgan.

  7. Panel Plus 9/1/13

    Watch the 'FOX News Sunday' panel, Gen Jack Keane, Joe Lieberman , Jennifer Rubin and Chuck Lane, as they discuss Syria, in our web exclusive

  8. Panel Plus: 8/11

    Watch the ‘FOX News Sunday' panel, Bill Kristol, Joe Lieberman , Carly Fiorina and Julie Pace as they discuss the presidential race for 2016

  9. New book explores D.C.'s inner circles: good, bad and ugly

    Power Player of the Week: Mark Leibovich

  10. Stop U.S. Aid to Syrian Rebels?

    Former Sen. Joe Lieberman , (I-Conn.), on the turmoil in Syria and Egypt.

  11. Lieberman: The President is 'Accountable'

    Former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman criticized President Barack Obama when asked about the president's lack of knowledge concerning the scandals surrounding his...

  12. Efforts to Restrict Government Surveillance

    Rep. Justin Amash, (R-Mich.), on efforts to narrow the scope of the Patriot Act.

  1. The Party's Over - Charlie Crist and Alan Colmes

    The Party's Over - Charlie Crist and Alan Colmes

  2. Joe Lieberman criticizes Obama's anti-terror strategy

    Former senator sees no coherent plan

  3. 010714_McCain_0915


  4. McCain on Al Qaeda's resurgence in Iraq: 'We saw it coming'

    GOP senator calls administration's 'gross mishandling' of the region 'tragic'

  5. Could an independent candidate win the White House in 2016?

    Former Sen. Joe Lieberman , (I-Ct), on whether an independent candidate could be the winning presidential ticket in 2016.

  6. Joe Lieberman says to 'put the brakes on' Iran deal

    Iran's state media says White House is misleading public on agreement

  7. Krauthammer

    Charles Krauthammer talked about what it was like growing up in his house and how his family was not like the Kennedys.

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