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Joe Lieberman

Netanyahu won’t meet with Obama during U.S. visit

Former Senator Scott Brown, (R-Mass.), on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s U.S. visit.

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  1. Lieberman on new domestic terror report

    Former Sen. Joe Lieberman , (I-CT), on the potential risks to America’s power grid from terrorism.

  2. Lieberman: The President is 'Accountable'

    Former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman criticized President Barack Obama when asked about the president's lack of knowledge concerning the scandals surrounding his...

  3. Why Can’t Washington Balance the Checkbook?

    Former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker says it is time for a state-led constitutional convention that will reform the major problems with today’s federal government.

  4. Post Office Looks to New Congress for Rescue

    The U.S. Congress that expired this week might have steered the nation away from the "fiscal cliff" of potentially devastating tax hikes and spending cuts, but it di...

  5. Henry: White House Realizes More Than Gun Control Needed

    FNC’s Ed Henry on the administration’s efforts to ease gun violence in the U.S.

  6. Sen. Lieberman on Fiscal Cliff, Departure from Senate

    Sen. Joe Lieberman on the continued debates ahead of the Bush tax-cut expiration and his decision to retire from the Senate.

  7. Are Small-Business Owners Selling Ahead of Potential Tax Hikes?

    Fifth Street Finance CEO Len Tannenbaum on potential tax hikes’ impact on small businesses.

  8. Both Parties Battling for Senate Seats

    FBN's Peter Barnes breaks down spots up for grabs in the Senate.

  9. Russian Hackers Plan U.S. Cyber Bank Heist

    Security professionals have recently learned that a cartel of Russian hackers is planning to launch a separate attack aimed at stealing money from about 30 U.S. fina...

  10. Panetta Sees 'Pre-9/11 Moment' for Cyber Security

    Against the backdrop of a slew of recent cyber attacks against U.S. banks, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta this week warned about the cyber threat and said the U.S. m...

  11. How Prepared is the U.S. for Cyber Terrorism?

    Former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff weighs in on bank hack attacks.

  12. Capital One the Latest Bank to Fall Victim to Cyber Attack

    Cyberterrorism Analyst Morgan Wright on the recent wave of cyber attacks against U.S. bank websites.

  1. Huntsman, Jr.: Money is the first indicator of one’s success in the race

    Former Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr., (R-Utah), and FBN’s Neil Cavuto on the role of money in elections.

  2. Sec. Kerry criticized over lack of response to France

    Former Senator Scott Brown, (R-Mass.), on the U.S. response to the Paris attack, and his outlook for the 2016 Presidential elections.

  3. Flournoy bows out

    Concerned Veterans for America CEO Pete Hegseth weighs in on riots in Ferguson, and Michele Flournoy bowing out for secretary of defense.

  4. ISIS gaining momentum despite airstrikes

    Former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman discusses how ISIS' numbers are growing and how Turkey has chosen not to help battle ISIS.

  5. National security to be top issue in 2016 election?

    The Wall Street Journal’s Dan Henninger argues national security will become a primary issue in the 2016 presidential election.

  6. Obama Administration not showing leadership in foreign policy?

    Former Sen. Joe Lieberman , (I-CT), on concerns about the Obama Administration’s handling of foreign policy issues.

  7. Former Sen. Joe Lieberman : Unjustified to fire Secretary Kerry

    Former Sen. Joe Lieberman and FBN’s Liz MacDonald on Secretary of State John Kerry’s ‘apartheid’ comment and the Clippers owner controversy.

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