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Jeff Sessions

Rep. Salmon: President has clearly violated the Constitution

Rep. Matt Salmon, (R-Ariz.), on President Obama’s immigration executive action.

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  1. Exceptions to the dysfunction in Congress

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the two members of Congress that stand out from among the legislators in the House and Senate.

  2. White House encouraging illegal immigration?

    Sen . Jeff Sessions , (R-Ala.), on the Obama Administration’s immigration policy.

  3. White House sued over alleged abuse of executive orders

    ‘The People vs. Barack Obama’ author Ben Shapiro on Speaker of the House John Boehner’s lawsuit against the President over executive orders.

  4. Will the midterms be historic for GOP?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the midterm elections.

  5. Sen. Sessions: Need a lawful system that protects American workers

    Sen . Jeff Sessions , (R-Ala.), on the minimum wage hike debate and immigration reform.

  6. Mounting calls to end the Electoral College

    FNC political analyst Ed Rollins on the president’s credibility, calls to end the Electoral College and immigration reform.

  7. Benefits for Illegal Immigrants Could Hit Your Wallet

    Byron York of the Washington Examiner on the rejection of a bill that would ban illegals from qualifying for the Health-Care Act.

  8. Senators renew push against China currency 'manipulation' despite yuan's rise

    A bipartisan group of senators on Wednesday introduced legislation to give the United States new tools to fight currency manipulation, an effort aimed mainly at Chin...

  9. Senate Narrowly Passes First Budget in Four Years

    The U.S. Senate on Saturday narrowly passed its first federal budget in four years, a move that will usher in a relative lull in Washington's fiscal wars until an an...

  10. Democrats Using Creative Accounting in Budget?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the budget proposal by Senate Democrats.

  11. Lew Gets Green Light From Senate Panel

    The Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday backed President Barack Obama's nominee to head the U.S. Treasury, Jack Lew, despite some concerns about his perks from previ...

  12. Lew Being Met With Opposition

    Former Treasury Department TARP advisor Susan Ochs on Treasury Secretary nominee Jack Lew.

  1. Can immigration help the American economy?

    The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board’s Mary Kissel on President Obama’s immigration policy and how immigrants can impact the U.S. economy.

  2. Sheriff Paul Babeu: Drones provide a false solution for border security

    Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu on the Obama Administration’s push for an increased use of drones along the Mexican border.

  3. Republicans plan showdown over potential immigration executive order?

    Sen. Pat Roberts, (R-Ks.), on Republican plans to strip spending from President Obama’s potential executive action on immigration.

  4. Laura Ingraham’s take on the midterm election results

    Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham breaks down the results of the midterm elections and weighs in on President Obama.

  5. Welfare recipients using money to buy legal pot?

    Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) on reports of welfare recipients using benefits to purchase legalized marijuana.

  6. Obama turning to business leaders for immigration supportsupport

    FOX Business reporter Rich Edison on details from Obama’s meeting with business leaders regarding immigration reform.

  7. Former Sen. Scott Brown: Israel has every right to defend itself

    Former Sen. Scott Brown, (R-Mass.), on the border crisis, the Israel-Hamas conflict and U.S. tensions with Russia.

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