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Jackie Speier

Proposed Online Sales Tax Gaining Momentum

The end may be near for consumers who avoid paying taxes by window shopping in a traditional brick-and-mortar retail setting to find exactly what they need and then hopping online to make the actual purchase.As it stands now, most online retailers are not required to collect sales tax, making them an attractive option for consumers. Brick-and-mortar store owners claim that the tax break offers an unfair advantage, hurts their sales and ability to compete, and makes them simply a "showroom."Just ask Jack Seibert, owner of Jack Seibert Jeweler in Ohio. Earlier this year he worked with a customer looking to buy a diamond for an engagement ring and took the time to walk him through the process of cut, color, clarity and carat. "He took our information and expertise and turned around and bought a $17,000 diamond online, saving $1,147.50 on sales tax. A diamond at $17,000 is a different number than one at $18,147.50."Seibert says the customer then came into the store with the diamond for aut...

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    Rep. Marsha Blackburn and Rep . Jackie Speier weigh in on health-care reform's impact on women.

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    Rep . Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) on whether the Democratic Party is going to sway in its political goals.

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    FBN Exclusive: Rep . Jackie Speier on Ben Bernanke's semi-annual report to the House Financial Services Committee.

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    Rep . Jackie Speier (D-CA) on Bank of America's $45 billion bailout.

  6. Cracking Down on Predatory Lending

    Rep . Jackie Speier , (R-CA), on the bills she introduced to crack down on predatory lending and rein in consumer credit interest rates.

  7. AIG Political Fallout

    What's being done to get back AIG bonuses?

  1. Congress Hears Testimony on Online Sales Tax Bill

    The House Judiciary Committee heard testimony Tuesday on a hotly-contested bill that would allow states to impose an online sales tax for all businesses. Some small ...

  2. Google Defends New Privacy Policy

    Planned changes to Google Inc's privacy policies that have caught the attention of U.S. lawmakers would not take away the control its customers have over how data is...

  3. Look Out for the Amazon-ian Sales Tax

    Years ago, the publisher of The Yellow Pages ran TV commercials with a catchy jingle that encouraged us to “Let your fingers do the walking.” (If you don’t remember ...

  4. Senator Rockefeller Proposes 'Do Not Track' Bill

    Legislation that would allow Internet users to opt out of having personal data collected has again been introduced on Capitol Hill , becoming at least the fourth bil...

  5. Apple, Google to Face Lawmakers in Privacy Tussle

    Tech companies such as Apple and Google are hoping the tracks of millions of mobile device users will lead to billions of dollars in revenue.But where they see dolla...

  6. Lawmaker: Dumb Regulation the Problem

    Rep. Jeb Hensarling and Rep . Jackie Speier weigh in on financial regulation.

  7. Lawmaker: Consumers Win With Bank Bill

    Rep. Jeb Hensarling and Rep . Jackie Speier debate over the winners and losers of the bank bill.

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