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Bolton on Jews' registration in E. Ukraine, Obama 'weakness'

Former US ambassador to the U.N. sounds off on report of Jews in one Ukrainian city being sent notices telling them to register and how volatility in Syria, Ukraine, Iran all illustrate Pres. Obama's weakness

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  1. McFarland: Administration's foreign policy 'ineffective'

    Reaction to heated McCain, Kerry confrontation

  2. Is John Kerry a failed secretary of state?

    Sen. Rubio reacts to Sen. McCain's brutal criticism during hearing

  3. Woman tied to WH voices opposition to 'Honor Diaries'

    Linda Sarsour once named 'Champion of Change'

  4. Benefits of the Keystone Pipeline

    Author of “The Frackers” and special writer for The Wall Street Journal Gregory Zuckerman talked about the benefits of the Keystone Pipeline and why it needs to be built.

  5. What does a 'massive surge' of Obamacare signups mean?

    Sen. Schumer and the Comcast merger and Jeb Bush 2016. Plus - Pollard to Israel and Hillary Clinton attempts to freeze out the field

  6. Charles Krauthammer on Secretary Kerry's diplomatic futility

    Fox News contributor sounds off

  7. Will White House swap spy for Mideast peace talks?

    Convicted Israeli spy serving a life sentence floated as bargaining chip

  8. Debate over US release of spy to further Mideast peace talks

    McFarland: 'Not a chance' move would lead to peace

  9. Bias Bash: Bad idea to release Israel spy Jonathan Pollard

    Judy Miller says it is a 'desperate' move to consider his release

  10. What might US offer Israel in emerging Mideast peace deal?

    Wendell Goler reports

  11. Iran's new UN amb. reportedly played role in hostage crisis

    Former Iran hostages demand President Obama deny visa

  12. Is U.S. too dependent on Saudi Arabia for energy?

    Former Gov. John Sununu, (R-NH), on the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia.

  1. Special Report Online: 4/16/14

    Where do Republicans stand in 2014?

  2. Iran cries foul over US rejection of ambassador

    Tension rising over Obama administration's decision to deny a visa to Iran's choice for U.N. ambassador because of his role in the 1979 US Embassy hostage crisis

  3. Sebelius’ resignation opens the ObamaCare 'Can of Worms'

    Obama electioneering preparing for November is underway. Plus - Scandals that just won't go away

  4. Analyzing the Blood Moon: what does it mean?

    Author Mark Biltz on whether the lunal event is a sign from God

  5. Joel Rosenberg discusses the Israeli -Palestinian peace talks

    Author of 'The Auschwitz Escape' reacts to the crumbling peace talks between Israel and Palestine

  6. Joel Rosenberg weighs in on Israeli -Palestinian peace talks

    'The Auschwitz Escape' author discusses the process

  7. CAIR leader slams allegations from critics

    Muslim group defends Brandeis University's decision to pull honor

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