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War on Terror

Krauthammer on CIA Interrogation Report

Krauthammer denounces Dems 'hypocrisy'

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  1. Child obesity rates drop 43% in past decade

    The Mensa panel weighs in on the FCC in newsrooms, President Obama and obesity rates in children.

  2. President Obama catching flack from the left

    Talking Points 2/18

  3. Why prisoner exchange with Taliban may have complications

    White House says there are currently no active talks with Taliban

  4. President not backing down on pledge to use executive orders

    Ed Henry reports from the White House

  5. Bias Bash: Should drones target American citizens?

    Judy Miller on how the media is covering the possibility of drone strikes on American terrorists overseas

  6. Legality of drone strikes against Americans overseas

    Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy weighs in

  7. US military denounces planned release of 65 Afghan prisoners

    Fox News contributor Amb. John Bolton weighs in

  8. Fighting terrorism by fighting poverty

    Nuru International CEO Jake Harriman explains his approach to fighting poverty.

  9. House report on Benghazi faults WH for security lapses

    Rep. Thornberry sounds off

  10. Rep: GOP disunity hurts Benghazi investigation

    Former Congressman Pete Hoekstra on how the GOP can once again take the lead on national security issues

  11. Inside the best museum you've never seen

    Power Player of the Week: Toni Hiley, curator of the CIA Museum

  12. Bill O'Reilly breaks down his presidential interview

    Your Humble Correspondent sounds off

  1. Are we getting too soft on Al Qaeda?

    Amb. John Bolton weighs in

  2. Is Obama administration tiptoeing around 'terrorism'?

    Insight from Fox News terrorism analyst Walid Phares

  3. Rpt: CIA info contradicted protest story in Benghazi attack

    New questions about Morell's role in crafting talking points

  4. Special Report Online: 3/19/14

    Reaction to Hillary Clinton's comments on Russia

  5. Malaysia Airlines mystery shines light on passport database

    Passports not being checked against 40 million in stolen database

  6. Gutfeld: What else was Mitt Romney right about?

    Republican presidential nominee was mocked for Russia warning

  7. US officials warn of Al Qaeda comeback plots in Afghanistan

    Fallout from U.S. plan to pull all troops by end of year

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