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  1. Chief executive or sales executive? Obama defends ObamaCare

    Wendell Goler reports from the White House

  2. Stossel's "State of the Union 2013"

    Libertarian panel anaylze's presiden'ts speech

  3. SOTU an Assault on Liberty?

    FBN’s government experts debate whether the State of the Union address will impact personal liberties.

  4. Sen. John McCain: Sequestration would be devastating

    Key Republican lawmaker on 'Fox News Sunday'

  5. FNC Video


  6. Fox News Reporting: Dick Cheney Revealed

    Dick Cheney spent four decades in the nation's capital and served four presidents

  7. President Obama's first four years

    Bret Baier reports from Washington

  8. A look back at President Obama's first term

    Bret Baier recaps a busy four years

  9. Panetta orders Pentagon to plan for deep cuts

    Will Armed Forces suffer?

  10. Hume: Has 'Vietnam syndrome' returned?

    What Hagel nomination for defense secretary reveals

  11. Obama announces controversial Cabinet picks

    Questions from lawmaker on both sides of the aisle

  12. Petraeus scandal: The potential fallout

    Legal panel weighs in on the case

  1. Power Play 1/13/2014: Obama’s clout on trial

    Handicapping 2016 and more revelations from Secretary Gates' book. Plus - Supreme Court argues Obama's ability to make recess appointments

  2. 011214_gates_300


  3. Did Robert Gates 'kiss and tell' in controversial memoir?

    White House goes on the defensive

  4. Joe Biden and Hillary: The biggest losers from Gates' book

    Will the explosive accusations in the former defense secretary's book hurt 2016 hopes for Clinton and Biden?

  5. Hume: Gates' revelations have an unmistakable ring of truth

    Reaction to charges about President Obama

  6. White House circles wagons after Gates drops bombshell

    Former defense secretary slams Obama over Afghanistan

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