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Suicide Bomber

Is President Obama leading from behind?

Former U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney weighs in on America’s response to the Paris terror attacks and the absence of American leadership at the Paris unity march.

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  1. Americans joining ISIS?

    FNC’s Catherine Herridge on the growing threat of ISIS.

  2. Does ISIS have the capability of planning a major attack on U.S.?

    Former Gov. Tom Kean, (R-NJ), on the potential risks of ISIS attacking the U.S. and Gov. Chris Christie’s political future.

  3. Obama, U.S. doing enough to combat ISIS?

    FOX News national security analyst KT McFarland on the threat of ISIS to the U.S. and the release of an American journalist in Syria.

  4. Sen. McCain on failed mission to rescue Foley

    Sen. John McCain on whether the administration made a mistake disclosing information on the failed attempt to rescue journalist James Foley.

  5. U.S. sending additional military advisers to aid Iraqis

    Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow Steven Cook and Director of The Brookings DOHA Center Salman Shaikh discuss the U.S.’s involvement in Iraq.

  6. Does Iraq need more military support from U.S.?

    Former U.S. Central Command Commander Gen. Anthony Zinni, (Ret.), on the Israel-Hamas conflict and Iraq.

  7. Israel launches ground operation into Gaza

    Maj. Gen. Robert Scales, U.S. Army (Ret.), on the latest on the Malaysia Airlines crash and the Israeli ground offensive in Gaza.

  8. Female Bombers At Large Ahead Of Olympics: AP

    Russian officials are hunting for three potential female suicide bombers ahead of the Winter Olympics, the Associated Press reported. According to the AP, police lea...

  9. 2 Americans Killed In Kabul Attack: Reports

    Two Americans were among the 21 mostly Western civilians killed in an attack on a popular restaurant in Kabul on Friday, the U.S. Embassy said Saturday. CNN reports ...

  10. Libya Suicide Attack Kills At Least Seven: Reports

    A suicide attack at a security checkpoint in eastern Libya killed at least seven people and left at least eight injured on Sunday, according to news reports. The att...

  11. Using Sewers to Sniff Out Bombs

    From dogs to drones, humanity has found some really intelligent ways to sniff out bombs before they explode. But what if there were a way to catch illicit explosives...

  12. Iraq's Booming Economy Lures Western Banks

    Last week banking giant Citigroup (NYSE:C) revealed plans to dip its toes into a volatile market that was unthinkable just years ago: Iraq.By becoming the first U.S....

  1. U.S. at risk from a lone wolf attack?

    FNC strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and Heritage Foundation Economist Steve Moore on the shooting in Canada raising concerns about potential attacks in the U.S.

  2. Does Obama have a clear strategy to defeat ISIS?

    Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense KT McFarland says it’s highly-likely that the U.S. will partner with Iran in exchange for nuclear weapons to defeat ISIS.

  3. Following the ISIS money trail

    FBN’s Charles Payne looks at the sources of ISIS’s financing.

  4. Jordan’s largest bank found liable for supporting Hamas terrorist attacks

    Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson on a U.S. jury finding Jordan-based Arab Bank liable for backing terrorism.

  5. Dr. Alveda King on ISIS, Ferguson

    Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on ISIS and Ferguson, Missouri.

  6. The homegrown terror threat

    National security analyst KT McFarland and Byron York of The Washington Examiner discuss how ISIS is recruiting Americans in Minnesota.

  7. More Americans fighting alongside Islamic militants?

    FOX News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters weighs in on the conflict in Iraq and U.S. citizens fighting alongside ISIS.

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