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  1. Lt. Col. Bill Cowan on the Nigeria kidnappings

    FOX News contributor Lt. Colonel Bill Cowan on the Nigeria kidnappings and his successful hostage rescue in Kuwait.

  2. White House rhetoric leading to more trouble in Ukraine?

    Gen. Jack Keane, U.S. Army (Ret.), on the latest on the crisis in Ukraine and new video of Al Qaeda leaders in Yemen.

  3. Labor Laws Stoke Economic Turmoil in Venezuela

    As Venezuela grapples with economic turmoil and widespread protests, a law that effectively prohibits companies from firing workers continues to restrict the country...

  4. Russia's Covert Web War

    Forget the T-90 battle tanks, MiG 29 fighter jets and Kalashnikov machine guns -- Russia is reportedly unleashing a silent but just as damaging attack on Ukraine's c...

  5. Egypt's Government Unexpectedly Resigns: Reports

    Egypt's military-backed government unexpectedly resigned on Monday, according to a report in state-run al-Ahram newspaper confirmed by an Egyptian official, media re...

  6. White House Urges Ukraine Government To Pull Back

    The White House urged Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to pull back his security forces from downtown Kiev as a way to stop the violence. In a statement, the Ob...

  7. U.S. Crude Rises More Than $2

    U.S. crude oil futures rose by over $2 a barrel on Tuesday to hit a fresh four-month high as high demand and cold weather drove gasoline and heating oil prices highe...

  8. Clouds Settle Over Thai Economy

    Any comfort investors in Thailand draw from what happened four years ago, when economic growth, the stock market and foreign investment all surged despite deadly unr...

  9. Italy Prime Minister Enrico Letta To Quit: Reports

    Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta will resign after being urged to step aside by the leader of his own party, news reports said. Letta will inform Italy's presiden...

  10. Italy's Renzi Calls For New Government: Reports

    Matteo Renzi, the leader of Italy's largest political party, withdrew support for Prime Minister Enrico Letta on Thursday, calling for a new government, news reports...

  11. GM sees auto industry slowing in turbulent Middle East

    General Motors said it expected the automobile industry in the Middle East to show growth that is sustainable, but at a slower rate than in the last few years, hurt ...

  12. U.N. Council Set for Syria Clash, West Readies Attack

    The United Nations Security Council was set for a showdown over Syria on Wednesday after Britain sought authorization for Western military action that Russia called ...

  1. Will banks invest in cybersecurity?

    Renmac head of U.S. economics Neil Dutta and The Independents co-host Kmele Foster on risks associated with online banking services.

  2. Independents After Hours on crazy university behavior

    The Independents After Hours is all about the drama over Lech Walesa Hall.

  3. Iraq: a lost cause?

    The Wall Street Journal’s Dan Henninger assesses the escalating situation in Iraq.

  4. T. Boone Pickens: There’s no question Iraq is in a civil war

    BP Capital Management CEO T. Boone Pickens on the impact of the violence in Iraq on oil supply and prices.

  5. Former EIA administrator: Iraq is a serious threat

    Former EIA administrator Jay Hakes and Stratfor VP of Middle Eastern and South Asian affairs Kamran Bokhari on crisis in Iraq and the global oil supply.

  6. Former national security advisor on Iraq conflict

    Former national security advisor to President Clinton, Sandy Berger, on turmoil in Iraq.

  7. How should White House handle mounting violence in Iraq?

    Gen. Jack Keane, U.S. Army (Ret.), on the unrest in Iraq.

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