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Saddam Hussein

Hamas rejects new ceasefire proposal

Former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz on the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

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  1. Leif Babin on the escalating turmoil in Iraq

    Retired Navy SEAL Officer Leif Babin on the growing crisis in Iraq.

  2. Schork: Every $1 rise in oil means two-cent hike at pump

    The Schork Report founder Stephen Schork and Marshall Auerback of the Institute for Economic Thinking give their outlooks for oil prices.

  3. Ret. Navy SEAL Officer Leif Babin on the crisis in Iraq

    Retired Navy SEAL Officer Leif Babin on the growing crisis in Iraq.

  4. Forces aligned with Al Qaeda march towards Baghdad

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the mounting violence in Iran.

  5. Will Middle East chaos spook Wall Street?

    Belpointe chief strategist David Nelson and FBN’s Liz MacDonald on President Obama, the violence in Iraq, the price of oil and the markets.

  6. Violence builds in Iraq- extremists take over two major cities

    FNC’s Bret Baier on the turmoil in Iraq, President Obama, the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange, and U.S. foreign policy.

  7. Calls for the White House to take action on VA scandal

    American Legion Legislative Director Louis Celli, Jr., on the Veterans Affairs scandal.

  8. Can you name that dictator?

    FBN’s Tracy Byrnes and Newsday columnist Ellis Henican join the Independents for a game of ‘name that dictator.’

  9. Private equity regulations

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino says financial-services firms are worried about new private equity regulations.

  10. Stossel 03/06/2014: Hey, Big Spender

    With new budget being released, Stossel breaks down how government plans to spend more of your money

  11. What’s the Deal, Neil: Remembering David Brenner

    FBN’s Neil Cavuto on the death of comedian David Brenner.

  12. Are libertarians weak?

    Fmr. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and The Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes on whether libertarians promote isolationist foreign policies that are dangerous.

  1. Stossel 06/19/2014: New World Inventions

    A look at amazing, and sometimes scary, innovations on the horizon

  2. Stossel 06/12/14: Libertarians vs. Conservatives

    A showdown between two schools of political thought on drugs, marriage and the military

  3. Prison sterilization under fire

    Kayleigh McEnany and Julie Roginsky on the women who were sterilized against their will in California.

  4. The Mensa panel weighs in on Middle East violence

    The Mensa panel weighs in on Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney and the turmoil in the Middle East.

  5. Is the military an option for U.S. in Iraq?

    Rep. Brad Wenstrup, (R-Ohio), on the crisis in Iraq and the VA scandal.

  6. America losing the ‘war on terror?’

    FNC national security analyst KT McFarland on Benghazi, America’s ‘war on terror’ and the crisis in Iraq.

  7. Amb. Bolton: Stunned libertarians are defending Hussein

    Amb. John Bolton on the messy situation in Iraq and who’s to blame.

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