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Iraqi People

Does US have good reason to fully trust Iran?

Iran plans restrict uranium enrichment program

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  1. Is the US losing leverage in Iraq?

    Rep Brad Wenstrup on whether the situation in Iraq risks developing into a civil war

  2. Political Activist on Tragedies of War

    The Nightwatchman and Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello talked with Alan about his belief that all American Presidents become war criminals.

  3. Study: Adults text while driving more than teens

    Why is dangerous action so common?

  4. Political Insiders 3/25/13

    Why is Obama declining in popularity? Is the gay marriage debate over for the GOP? Is Hillary the front runner in 2016? John LeBoutillier, Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell discuss that and more

  5. Was the war in Iraq worth it?

    'The Five' weigh in on 10-year anniversary

  6. IRAQ WAR 10 YEARS LATER: $15m a day spent on failed projects

    Peter Van Buren says the U.S. failed to reconstruct and improve the lives of Iraqis

  7. Fallen SEAL Kyle Draws Thousands of Mourners

    Former Navy SEAL Leif Babin on the death of SEAL Chris Kyle.

  8. McChrystal on Petraeus' resignation, gun control

    Retired Army general on 'Fox & Friends'

  9. Former soldier Rep. Cotton opposes Hagel nomination

    Newly-elected AR lawmaker speaks out

  10. Chuck Hagel wrong pick for secretary of defense?

    Congressman-elect Tom Cotton weighs in

  11. The inside story of the struggle for Iraq

    Michael Gordon's inside account of the most widely reported yet least understood war in US history

  12. Defcon3 9-12-2012

    American diplomats killed in Libya. White House rejects Netanyahu meeting request.Find out why the US has big interest in Syrian conflict. That and more...

  1. Iraqi cab driver shares gratitude with US veteran

    Iraq vet tells the incredible story

  2. Iraq troops continue to clash with Al Qaeda militants

    Should U.S. get more involved?

  3. Al Qaeda extremists make serious gains in Iraq

    Catherine Herridge reports from Washington, D.C.

  4. White House blaming Bush Administration for ObamaCare glitches?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the issues with the ObamaCare rollout.

  5. Super high prices for NY Super Bowl tickets

    WSJ reporter Matt Futterman says tickets for Super Bowl XLVIII will cost up to $2,600

  6. Why is Hollywood silent on Syria?

    Hollywood legend Ed Asner's thoughts

  7. DefCon 3 7/17/2013

    Is the US losing leverage in Iraq? Where are US-Russian relations headed? And challenges facing Middle East peace talks. KT McFarland and guests discuss

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