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Iraqi Government

Did the West fail to predict the Arab Spring?

Walid Phares on America's future role in Middle East

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  1. Iraq troops continue to clash with Al Qaeda militants

    Should U.S. get more involved?

  2. Al Qaeda extremists make serious gains in Iraq

    Catherine Herridge reports from Washington, D.C.

  3. Violence Threatens Iraq's Oil-Fueled Comeback Story

    The violent uprising that has erupted in Iraq's Anbar province in recent weeks is a scary reminder of the high risk of investing in a volatile country that is bankin...

  4. Strikes target militants linked to Al Qaeda in Iraq

    Greg Palkot reports from London

  5. McCain: White house to blame for Al Qaeda resurgence in Iraq

    Eric Shawn reports from New York

  6. Iraq releases video of drone strikes against militants

    Effort to counter Al Qaeda gains

  7. Is Al Qaeda threat in Iraq growing?

    Brookings Institution's Michael O'Hanlon explains the impact on US national security

  8. Iraq violence part of wider battle raging across Mideast?

    Insight from Fox News terrorism analyst Walid Phares

  9. Iraqi troops step up siege of cities threatened by Al Qaeda

    Greg Palkot reports from London

  10. Al Qaeda resurgence in Iraq?

    Weighing U.S. approach to situation

  11. Will US sit back as Iraq loses control of Anbar Province?

    Reaction from former CIA covert operations operative Mike Baker

  12. New weapon in effort to destroy Syria's chemical weapons

    Catherine Herridge reports from Washington

  1. Video claims to show child terrorist training with Al Qaeda

    4-year-old shoots firearms in Syria

  2. America sends aid to help Iraq fight Al Qaeda militants

    Gen. Jack Keane weighs in

  3. Iraq asking for US help against Al Qaeda-linked militants

    How should the US respond?

  4. Hume: Strategic gains in Iraq being squandered

    Iraq's descent once more into a chaotic and violent place may now be unavoidable

  5. Can Iraq overcome Al Qaeda insurgency?

    Council on Foreign Relations’ Stephen Biddle on the current threat

  6. Iraq war vets on resurgence of Al Qaeda

    Reaction to administration's handling of war

  7. What does an unstable Iraq mean for US security?

    Sens. James Inhofe, Ben Cardin join the debate

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