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Iranian Revolution

Argentine prosecutor’s death raises questions about Iran ’s influence

Claudia Rosett, of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, on the mystery surrounding the death of an Argentine prosecutor.

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  1. Iran Test-Fires Missiles During Military Drills

    AEI Resident Scholar Michael Rubin on Iran ’s missile tests.

  2. Are Sanctions Against Iran Effective?

    Institute for the Study of War’s Chris Harmer on efforts to pressure Iran to end its nuclear program.

  3. Israel’s CG: Iran Needs Sanctions and Military Threat

    Consul General of Israel Ido Aharoni on the deadly bus bombing in Bulgaria and sanctions against Iran .

  4. What's the Biggest Risk You've Ever Taken?

    Near the end of the movie version of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice where Keira Knightley plays the compelling Elizabeth Bennett, the stoic Mr. Darcy character sa...

  5. Libya's Three Act Play -- Tragedy, Drama or Farce?

    The Libyan Revolution, like all revolutions, is a three act play. Act One is the Fall of the Dictator. Act Two is the Rebels Turn. Act Three is It's a Fluid Situatio...

  6. Influence of the Arab Spring

    Author Irshad Manji on her new book and the Islamic revolution taking place in the Middle East.

  7. Do Recent Squabbles Signal the Demise of OPEC?

    After OPEC wrapped up one of the most heated meetings in its recent memory, some are wondering (maybe hoping?) if the high-profile dissension hints at a collapse of ...

  8. Behind the Big Fight at OPEC

    Big fight at the OPEC corral means possibly lower gas prices for you and me -- if the pro-production wing wins. The meeting ended in acrimony, amid name calling, lik...

  9. As Oil Surges, Memories of the '70s Return

    Government-imposed speed-limit reductions and long lines at the pump may be woes of the past, but with unrest in the Middle East catapulting oil prices to new recent...

  10. No Oil Price Shock Yet?

    Prof. James Hamilton is one of the smarter economists out there who exhibits a lot of common sense. Remember what the author Gertrude Stein once said, that “everyone...

  11. Should U.S. Impose Democratic Policies in Middle East?

    Political commentator Imogen Lloyd Webber discusses whether the U.S. should push democracy in the embattled nations in the Middle East.

  12. The U.S. Must Bring Democracy to the Middle East

    Events in the Middle East are happening so quickly it is hard to step back, catch your breath, and see the bigger picture. Even if you do, there are so many cross cu...

  1. Stossel 09/11/2014: Combating terror

    Now, 13 years after 9/11, are we fighting terror effectively?

  2. How would you rule the world?

    Monica Crowley and Gavin McInnes on the policies they believe would better the world.

  3. U.S. Expected to Keep Iran Oil Embargo in Place

    A unilateral U.S. oil embargo on Iran is expected to remain in place even if a long-term nuclear agreement between Tehran and six world powers is reached that includ...

  4. Goldman Looks to Exit Uranium Business

    Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank are quietly trying to get out of a business few people know they are even in: trading supplies of raw uranium known as yellowcake.In ...

  5. Will the New Fed Chief 'Curse' Continue?

    Whether it's Larry Summers, Janet Yellen or another economist, the next chairman of the Federal Reserve will immediately be thrust into the delicate process of extri...

  6. Japan's Trade Deficit Widens As Imports Surge

    Japan's trade deficit widened sharply in April, as export growth was tepid while imports surged, according to Finance Ministry data released Wednesday. The trade gap...

  7. Social Security: The Fiscal Problem That's Not on the 'Cliff'… Yet

    Listen up lawmakers, there is a huge federal program- nearly 57 million Americans depend upon it- that is not about to fall off the proverbial fiscal cliff. In fact,...

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