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Iranian Protests

  1. Did Sarah Palin predict the Ukraine crisis back in 2008?

    Former vice presidential candidate says Obama is not exercising 'peace through strength'

  2. Huckabee: Obama’s mistake was trusting Putin

    Gov. Mike Huckabee reviews debate comments from Pres. Obama and Mitt Romney regarding the threat in Russia.

  3. Why the crisis in Kiev matters

    Growing concern over Russia's influence in Ukraine

  4. Will Ukraine ultimately side with the West or Russia?

    Reaction from Sens. Dick Durbin and Kelly Ayotte

  5. What's next for Ukraine?

    Bill Richardson breaks down deal, U.S. options

  6. Debating Obama's leadership on the world stage

    President's inconsistent foreign policy criticized after response to Ukraine crisis

  7. Impact of Kiev crisis on Obama's 'reset' with Russia

    Least 70 dead, hundreds injured from deadly clashes in Ukraine

  8. Will violence in Ukraine influence midterm election?

    Power Play: Democrats distance themselves from Obamacare, foreign stumbles shape election narrative, and is the Tea Party a threat to GOP?

  9. Reason for Kiev clashes: Panel on Ukraine's dire economy

    Economic and foreign policy experts discuss Ukraine's economy, how clashes affect US

  10. New focus on US foreign policy amid international crises

    Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, Marc Thiessen discuss turmoil in Ukraine, Syria

  11. U.S. Crude Rises More Than $2

    U.S. crude oil futures rose by over $2 a barrel on Tuesday to hit a fresh four-month high as high demand and cold weather drove gasoline and heating oil prices highe...

  12. Syria: Talks end, mass killings continue

    Amb John Bolton on the humanitarian catastrophe

  1. U.S. Crude Dips

    U.S. oil futures dipped below $100 on Monday, falling more than a dollar a barrel after stock markets tumbled, with Brent crude prices losing even more on the prospe...

  2. Oil Slips as Libya Deal Eases Supply Worries

    Brent crude oil fell below $106 a barrel on Monday, snapping a two-day rise, after Libyan rebels occupying four eastern oil ports agreed to end an eight-month blocka...

  3. Former Hugo Chavez Advisor, Eva Golinger, On The Unrest In Venezuela

    Venezuelan-American Attorney Eva Golinger knew, advised, and was a friend of Venezuela’s former President Hugo Chavez. Here is Golinger’s take on what is happening in Venezuela.

  4. US giving up internet authority oversight

    Eric Shawn reports on controversial domain name plan

  5. Sen. Marco Rubio pushes his economic vision

    Plan to help the economy get back on track

  6. Global revolutions helped by technology

    Zello CEO Bill Moore on his company’s app, which turns phones into walkie-talkies.

  7. Sen. Marco Rubio speaks at CPAC

    Florida Senator speaks at annual conference for conservative activists

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