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Iranian Navy

Should the U.S. send troops to Nigeria?

The Mensa panel weighs in on Karl Rove, the Pope and the Nigeria kidnappings.

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  1. Iran Accused of Sending Missiles, Explosives to Yemen

    FOX News terrorism expert Dr. Walid Phares on the growing tensions in the Middle East.

  2. Investor Says Iran Not a Threat

    Kenai Capital Management owner Tres Knippa weighs in on skyrocketing oil prices.

  3. Would U.S. Take Military Action if Iran Blocks Strait of Hormuz?

    Daily Beast Correspondent Eli Lake on Iran ’s threat to block oil shipments through the Strait of Hormuz and the potential reactions of the U.S. and Israel.

  4. White House's Mismanagement of Middle East Conflict

    National security expert KT McFarland on the administration's response to the unrest in the Middle East.

  5. Is Iran Behind Unrest in Bahrain?

    James Woolsey, former CIA director, on a possible threat from Iranian warships traveling through the Suez Canal, and general unrest in the Mideast.

  6. Dell, Deals Drive Dow to New Highs

    FOX Business: The Power to ProsperReturning from a rare two-day break, the bulls bid Wall Street to fresh two and-a-half-year highs on Wednesday as new deal-making a...

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