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Iran Terror Plot

Syria: Stopping the slaughter

Eric Shawn looks at the options

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  1. America Getting Complacent in War on Terror?

    Former Defense Deputy Undersecretary Jed Babbin on the arrest of a man accused of allegedly plotting to attack the NY Federal Reserve.

  2. How effective could a military strike be against Iran ?

    Part 2 of vice presidential debate

  3. VP Debate Quote: Congressman Ryan -- Sanctions Against Iran Are in Place In Spite of the Obama Administration


  4. Romney: Libya attacks were not an 'isolated incident'

    GOP nominee delivers foreign policy address in VA

  5. Part Two: Romney Foreign Policy Address

    insider romney 2

  6. Giuliani: Under Obama, "Maniac" Ahmadinejad Getting "Perilously" Close to Having Nuclear Weapons


  7. Rudy Giuliani takes on Iran's president at rally

    Former New York City mayor on Ahmadinejad, United Nations

  8. Giuliani on Obama's 'noise,' 'bump' in the road, Ahmadinejad

    Former NYC mayor sounds off on the puzzling choice to have Iran's president address the UN General Assembly on Yom Kippur, the president's snub of Netanyahu and more

  9. War drums for Israel and Iran ?

    Israeli ambassador to US talks potential strike on nuclear facilities

  10. Defcon 3 7-25-2012

    Is Assad’s regime in Syria on the brink of collapse? Plus – We’ll analyze who is behind recent attacks against Israelis abroad.

  11. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Points Finger at Hezbollah and Iran for Bomb That Killed 5 Israeli Tourists


  12. Netanyahu on dangerous times in the Middle East

    Israeli PM on 'Fox News Sunday'

  1. US getting proactive with Iran ?

    Reaction from former CIA analyst Kenneth Pollack

  2. Obama to meet with Iranian president after UN speech?

    Eric Shawn reports from the United Nations

  3. All-Star panel reaction to explosions in Boston

    Thoughts following tragic event

  4. Foxhole 2/12/2013

    James Rosen talks to Elliott Abrams about the current state of affairs in the Middle East. Plus: A preview of State of the Union

  5. Hezbollah posing a greater threat to US?

    Terrorism expert Matthew Levitt speaks out

  6. Sen. John McCain talks Egypt, Gaza and Libya

    Key GOP lawmaker on 'Fox News Sunday'

  7. FNC Video


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