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International Criminal Court

Iraqi military will lead attack on ISIS in Mosul?

Former State Dept. Senior Advisor Christian Whiton on fighting ISIS and how to defeat ISIS.

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  1. The Uncertainties Facing Libya’s Political Future

    FNC national security analyst K.T. McFarland on the uncertain political future facing Libya.

  2. Libya's Three Act Play -- Tragedy, Drama or Farce?

    The Libyan Revolution, like all revolutions, is a three act play. Act One is the Fall of the Dictator. Act Two is the Rebels Turn. Act Three is It's a Fluid Situatio...

  3. I Guess Rebels In Libya Wanted a Revolution, They Just Didn't Know They Might Have to Die For It

    They say no good deed goes unpunished. Well, the Libyan rebels are now complaining that NATO isn't doing enough to stop Qaddafi ! I guess they expected us to topple ...

  4. Calls for Qaddafi's Departure Intensify

    Britain and the United States stepped up pressure on Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi to quit on Tuesday, and rebels fighting him promised to build a free, democrati...

  5. William Cohen on the Unclear Mission in Libya

    Fmr. U.S. Secretary of State William Cohen on the ambiguities of the U.N. no-fly zone mission in Libya.

  6. U.S. Weighs Actions as Americans Leave Libya

    A ferry carrying hundreds of Americans and other evacuees finally sailed from Libya on Friday, removing what U.S. officials feared could be used as a bargaining chip...

  7. ANALYSIS-Justice in doubt for Congo atrocity victims

    (Refiles to add link to U.N. report)By Katrina MansonKINSHASA, Oct 1 (Reuters) - Rights activists are calling on Democratic Republic of Congo to ensure justice for v...

  8. FACTBOX-Key political risks to watch in Sudan =2

    DARFUR AND THE ICCIn a likely post-secession scenario, most of the international attention and donor funds will go south in an effort to ensure the new state is viab...

  9. FACTBOX-Key political risks to watch in Kenya

    By Richard LoughNAIROBI, Sept 1 (Reuters) - Kenya voted peacefully in favour of a new constitution to redraw the political landscape, but the transition may be bumpy...

  10. FACTBOX-Key political risks to watch in DR Congo

    By Katrina MansonKINSHASA, Aug 2 (Reuters) - Democratic Republic of Congo has just celebrated 50 years of independence from Belgium but attention is already turning ...

  11. International Tribunals for Pirates?

    How should pirates be dealt with?

  1. What will it take to reach a resolution in the Middle East?

    Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz on America’s strategy to combat ISIS.

  2. John McCain’s take on the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange

    Senator John McCain on the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange.

  3. Yanukovych Insists He's Still Leader Of Ukraine

    Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has said Thursday he still considers himself the legitimate leader of the country, and described the parliament actions ...

  4. East African trade bloc approves monetary union deal

    The leaders of five East African countries signed a protocol on Saturday laying the groundwork for a monetary union within 10 years that they expect will expand regi...

  5. Cyprus judges to look into crisis, president

    Supreme Court judges will launch an investigation on Thursday into almost a decade of financial profligacy which brought Cyprus to its knees last month, with a manda...

  6. LIA Italy Stakes Released from Judicial Seizure

    A Rome Court of Appeals Monday ordered the release from judicial seizure of the Libyan Investment Authority's equity stakes in UniCredit S.p.A. (UCG.MI) and Finmecca...

  7. The Most (and Least) Peaceful Countries

    In 2011, world peace improved for the first time in three years. Incidents of terrorism fell and the global economic downturn decreased violence by reducing the amou...

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