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United Nations Security Council Permanent Members

Foreign policy experts quick to apologize for Putin?

Bret Stephens, foreign affairs columnist for The Wall Street Journal, weighs in

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  1. Is Turkey taking the lead against Assad's regime?

    Ambassador Marc Pierini on how the Turkish government is helping Syrian rebels

  2. DefCon 3 3/20/2013

    Prospects for peace between Israel and Palestine. Iraq 10 years later - Was it worth it? Plus: What is the future for Afghanistan?

  3. Has the Arab Spring benefited the Middle East?

    Morocco's Deputy Foreign Minister Youssef Amrani weighs in on recent violence in Syria

  4. Obama to UN: 'America will never retreat from the world'

    President cites legacy of Libya Ambassador Christopher Stevens in address to General Assembly

  5. Power Play 6-18-2012

    Obama's European preoccupation, Romney looks to rust belt for win and the right way to talk about the economy.

  6. Obama's European Preoccupation

    Chris Stirewalt and Stephen Hayes discuss Obama's stance on the situation in Europe.

  7. World Leaders Gather in Mexico for G20 Summit

    President Obama planning talks with Russia

  8. Special Report Online: 2/22

    Should U.S. arm Syrian rebels?

  9. Israel raises alert level after overseas attacks

    Former Israeli Ambassador Dore Gold reacts

  10. U.S. Adds 10 More Companies to Iran Sanctions

    The U.S. Treasury Department said on Tuesday it was expanding sanctions on Iran to include 10 "shipping and front companies and one individual based in Malta" affili...

  11. U.N.: Syrian Uprising Has Claimed Thousands of Lives

    5,000 estimated to be dead in 9-month rebellion

  12. The UNESCO Follies Are Back

    How has the Obama adminstration handled recent relations with UNESCO?

  1. Iran talks: is a deal real?

    Ambassador John Bolton 'very worried' about outcome

  2. Netanyahu: 'Going to tell the truth'

    What the Israeli prime minister will say about Iran

  3. Can the US trust Iran's new president?

    Aaron David Miller questions the possible nuclear weapons deal

  4. Iran: Can it be trusted?

    Pres. Rouhani's UN visit

  5. Power Play 8/22/2013: US UN rep tweets, skips meeting

    Chemical attacks in Syria, 'Vultures' for Hillary and pitching college kids for Obamacare. Chris talks to Bill Kristol and Doug Schoen

  6. President Obama announces national security team shakeup

    Names Susan Rice as national security advisor

  7. FNC Video

    FNC Video

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