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Income Gap

The market: A tale of two cities

FBN’s Charles Payne on the mounting income gap in the economy and markets.

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  1. Tax Code Changes to Close the Widening Income Gap

    As the gap between the rich and poor continues to widen in this country, there have been many proposals on how to change the tax code to bring about more income equa...

  2. 'Who Tweets When Angry?!!!' She Tweeted, Angrily

    And how many of us use the front-desk test for hotels? Here are the latest LOL-inducing, insightful and character-limited words of wisdom that helped me run my business this week.

  3. Tesco's South Korean crown jewel flawed by new regulations

    Tesco Plc finally managed to open a near-3,000 sq meter super store in South Korea, its largest market outside Britain, after a seven-month delay by agreeing not to ...

  4. Mexican manufacturing: from sweatshops to high-tech motors

    Made in Mexico is increasingly more likely to mean cars than clothes as the country's manufacturing sector moves away from the low-skill, high-volume production line...

  5. 400,000 Workers Left Unions Last Year

    Miller & Long President Brett McMahon on the decline in union membership .

  6. Hong Kong 'Occupy' Protesters Ordered to Leave HSBC Encampment

    The Hong Kong high court on Monday ordered protesters occupying the ground floor of HSBC Holdings PLC's (HBC) headquarters to evict their encampment by the end of Au...

  7. Majority of Americans Still Believe the Rich Deserve their Wealth

    A lot has happened since 2008, especially in the national dialogue about economic inequality.There was the hot-button issue of whether CEOs, particularly those at ba...

  8. Workers Taking Lower-Paying Jobs

    FBN's Liz MacDonald breaks down the problems with U.S. job growth and quality.

  9. How is Corporate America Responding to the Occupy Movement?

    Doug Simon says results from a new study show Corporate America is taking notice of OWS.

  10. Jesse Jackson on Class Warfare in America

    Rev. Jesse Jackson reacts to the president’s State of the Union Address.

  11. America’s Growing Tax Divide

    FBN’s Gerri Willis on the growing number of people who pay no federal income taxes, yet use government services paid with taxpayer money.

  12. Should Obama Embrace Occupy Wall Street?

    Democratic strategist Bernard Whitman argues the president can benefit from the support of the Wall Street protestors.

  1. Tax the rich to help close the income gap ?

    Second Avenue Partners’ Nick Hanauer on the minimum wage and income inequality.

  2. Buy yield to shield against rock-bottom interest rates

    Voya Investments Management CIO Christine Hurtsellers and Wells Fargo senior equity strategist Scott Wren give insight into the markets and Fed.

  3. What the Republican Party learn from Harley-Davidson

    Accent Asset Management CEO Scott Martin, Chapwood Fund’s Jared Levy and FBN’s Cheryl Casone on Harley-Davidson and the protests by Postal Service workers.

  4. White House efforts to close the income gap hurting jobs?

    WL Ross & Co. CEO Wilbur Ross on the impact of Obama Administration policies on jobs and the economy.

  5. House Passes $1 Trillion Farm Bill

    he U.S. House of Representatives passed a nearly $1 trillion farm bill on Wednesday that cuts food stamps and ends a direct subsidy to farmers, while expanding gover...

  6. 1 in 5 Will Reach Affluence in Lifetime

    The long-lasting impact of the 2008 financial crisis and lingering tight job market is showing up in the country's growing income gap.The income gap among Americans ...

  7. Swiss voters reject proposal to limit executives' pay

    Swiss voters rejected a proposal on Sunday to cap the salaries of top executives at 12 times that of a company's lowest wage, heeding warnings from industry leaders ...

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