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Arizona Senate Bill 1070

AZ's Immigration Debate Played Out On Phoenix's Walls

Downtown Phoenix has become known for its murals depicting everything from political statements against the state’s past immigration law to key moments in Mexican history. 

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  1. Fox News Latino Immigration Panel

    Fox News Latino's first Immigration Panel with Juan Williams.

  2. Dr. Richard Carmona Talks with Juan Williams

    Former Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona talks to Fox News Latino about his time in office, his current race for senate in Arizona anin America.

  3. Feds turn their back on Arizona

    Uncut: Sen. Jon Kyl reflects on the Obama administration's reaction to the Supreme Court's ruling on Arizona's immigration and what that means towards policing illegals

  4. Obama administration's response to immigration law ruling

    Talking Points 6/26

  5. Krauthammer: 'Ultimately this is going to be a wash'

    Syndicated columnist on Supreme Court ruling on SB 1070

  6. Difficulty for AZ police to enforce immigration laws

    Concern over new restrictions

  7. Sheriff Arpaio: Feds waging war on Arizona law

    Maricopa County sheriff reacts to SCOTUS decision on SB1070

  8. Power Play 6-26-2012

    Scenarios for health law decision, Romney squeezed on immigration and can Attorney General Holder cut a deal? Join the live chat...

  9. Controversial Supreme Court ruling on immigration law

    Texas residents react to SB1070 ruling

  10. Brewer slams 'disturbing' White House response to SB1070

    Arizona governor claims Obama administration is playing politics with Supreme Court ruling

  11. AZ Sheriff Larry Dever Says 'Janet Napolitano Said Very Same Things on Immigration Before She Went to Washington'


  12. Congressional Hispanic Caucus on SB1070 Ruling

    Chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Rep. Charlie Gonzalez (D-TX) talks with Alan about the Supreme Court’s decision on Arizona ’s immigration law.

  1. Bickering over immigration law in California

    William La Jeunesse reports from Los Angeles

  2. Lucha Libre USA Asks Fans To Help Build Border Fence

    JR Brewer asks fans, companies to donate cash to build border fence

  3. Arizona Business Owners: McCain Hecklers Missing the Point

    Arizona residents gave Sen. John McCain a hard time during a town hall discussion on a new push for immigration reform. But some local entrepreneurs say it could be a cure for the economy.

  4. Bias Bash: All-out media attack on GOP?

    Cal Thomas on how the media perceives the future of the Republican Party

  5. How will Latinos vote in November?

    Closer look at immigration and the GOP ticket

  6. OTR Panel: ICE agents vs. Napolitano

    'On the Record' panel examines the lawsuit filed by 10 ICE agents against the Homeland Security secretary

  7. Arizona residents protest immigration bill

    Immigrants and supporters speak out against legislation

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