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Human Rights China

Success or failure? Hillary Clinton's diplomatic legacy

Former secretary of state's tenure sparks debate

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  1. Dealing with Russia

    Bob Costas on dealing with the Russians at the Sochi Olympics

  2. World looks for solution as Russia tightens grip on Crimea

    US weighs steps to 'isolate Russia' over Ukraine

  3. How gutting the Army puts the country at risk

    Studio audience raises national security concerns

  4. Special Report Online: 2/19/14

    Where do things stand with Syria?

  5. UN report details executions, starvation inside North Korea

    Reaction from columnist Gordon Chang

  6. UN report calls for action on North Korea human rights abuse

    Kim Jong Un could face prosecution for violations

  7. Report: US offers to send envoy for American's release

    William La Jeunesse reports from Los Angeles

  8. Which states are Americans moving to?

    UniGroup Relocation CEO Rich McClure takes a look at where Americans are moving to and from

  9. Kerry defends Iranian nuke deal in the House

    Debate over next steps for U.S.

  10. Biden meets with Chinese leader as tensions remain high

    Dispute over territory in Asia continues

  11. 112613_Charles_1800


  12. Political Insiders part 1: The Iran deal

    Controversial agreement shifts focus away from ObamaCare

  1. Will Obama keep Prayer Breakfast promise in Saudi Arabia?

    President claimed promoting religious freedom abroad is a priority

  2. Why is Europe quiet on Russia-Ukraine situation?

    Stratfor Global Intelligence’s George Friedman on the Russia-Ukraine situation.

  3. Media ignore transfer of control of Internet domain names?

    Bill Clinton praises US role in keeping Internet free, open

  4. Budget cuts threaten future of Radio Free Europe

    Reaction from Fox News contributor Ric Grenell

  5. Media downplaying US plan to relinquish control of Internet?

    Jim Pinkerton and Alan Colmes weigh in

  6. Sen. Marco Rubio speaks at CPAC

    Florida Senator speaks at annual conference for conservative activists

  7. Bob Costas’ Putin controversy

    Bob Costas on his controversial comments about Putin at the Sochi Olympics

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