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Howard Dean

Democrats 'bought and paid for' by wealthy green donors?

Newspaper blasts latest Keystone decision delay

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  1. Dems, GOP test ObamaCare political strategies in Fla. race

    Joe Trippi, Karl Rove weigh in

  2. Venezuelan turmoil continues

    Podcast host Jesse Myerson on why he’s against the protest in Venezuela.

  3. A chat about Korean culture on The Independents After Show

    Comedian Paul Mecurio and author Michael Malice join Kennedy, Kmele Foster and Matt Welch for The Independents ‘after-the-show show.’

  4. Has President Obama kept past State of the Union promises?

    Political powerhouses Ed Rollins and Joe Trippi weigh in

  5. Hillary Clinton draws comparison to Richard Nixon?

    Fox News contributor Joe Trippi explains

  6. House ObamaCare transparency measure appropriate, feasible?

    Reaction from Joe Trippi and Pete Snyder

  7. Will 2014 be a better year for ObamaCare?

    FOX News contributor Jehmu Greene argues ObamaCare will be successful in the New Year.

  8. 1.1 million sign up for ObamaCare in late surge

    Wendell Goler reports from Honolulu, Hawaii

  9. 122913_obamacare_200


  10. What lies ahead for ObamaCare in 2014?

    Gov. Howard Dean and Dr. Scott Gottlieb debate

  11. Will those enrolled in ObamaCare truly be covered?

    Rep. Phil Gingrey reacts to the health care law

  12. Coming Up on 'Fox News Sunday': December 29

    ObamaCare in 2014

  1. Are all Dems hoping for a Hillary Clinton run?

    Where things stand on the left for 2016

  2. GOP sticks to its anti-ObamaCare strategy

    Could approach backfire in 2014 midterms?

  3. How should the Nevada cattle grazing dispute be settled?

    Author Deirdre Imus and FNC’s Lis Wiehl weigh in on the Nevada cattle grazing dispute, Jesus and Easter.

  4. Political Pros: Joe Trippi and Marc Lampkin talk VA senate

    Chris Stirewalt asks veteran political pros Joe Trippi and Marc Lampkin to break down the 2014 Virginia Senate race. Can veteran GOP strategist Ed Gillespie mount a formidable challenge to sitting incumbent Sen. Mark Warner?

  5. Power Play Political Pros: Joe Trippi and Marc Lampkin

    Chris Stirewalt sits down with Joe Trippi and Marc Lampkin to discuss the Georgia and Virginia senate races in 2014. Could GA go blue? Could VA go red?

  6. Dana Perino and Joe Trippi discuss AR and KY senate races

    "Political pros" Dana Perino and Joe Trippi join host Chris Stirewalt to discuss the big 2014 Senate races in Arkansas and Kentucky. Can Rep. Tom Cotton defeat incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor in Arkansas?What's the latest in the Bluegrass State?

  7. Will ObamaCare premiums go up?

    Sebelius: Rates will rise at 'smaller pace'

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