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The latest technology to test for Ebola

PositiveID President Lyle Probst and PositiveID Senior Advisor Tom DiNanno on a device to diagnose Ebola.

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  1. Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) on the ISIS threat

    House Foreign Affairs Committee ranking member Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) weighs in on the threat posed by ISIS following President Obama’s address.

  2. The bigger threat: ISIS or Iran?

    Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton on the growing threats of ISIS and Iran to the U.S. and Dick Cheney’s comments on President Obama.

  3. The fallout from President Obama playing golf after James Foley speech

    Former Gov. Mike Huckabee, (R-Ark.), on the White House delaying executive action on immigration, the fallout from President Obama playing golf after his James Foley speech, and plans to outline a strategy on ISIS.

  4. Next move to combat ISIS

    FOX News Middle East and terrorism expert Walid Phares and Canaccord Genuity U.S. portfolio strategist Tony Dwyer on President Obama and U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron’s push for a coalition to fight ISIS.

  5. War on terror too vague to win?

    FOX News national security analyst KT McFarland and Col. David Hunt (Ret.) on the war on terror and the crisis in the Middle East.

  6. Campaign of airstrikes needed in Syria?

    Capt. Chuck Nash, U.S. Navy (Ret.), on how the Obama Administration should deal with ISIS.

  7. Israel, Hamas agree to open-ended ceasefire

    Consul General of Israel in New York Ido Aharoni on the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

  8. Israeli airstrike kills three Hamas commanders in Gaza

    Former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Daniel Ayalon on the latest in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

  9. Could U.S. get dragged into another conflict in Iraq?

    Col. David Hunt, U.S. Army (Ret.), on the latest in Iraq and U.S. relations with Israel.

  10. ISIS a bigger threat to the U.S. than Al Qaeda?

    Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge on the potential terrorist threats facing the U.S.

  11. Has the conflict benefited Hamas?

    Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis, U.S. Army (Ret.), on the conflict between Israel and the Hamas.

  12. Can ISIS be defeated?

    FOX News military analyst Lt. Col. Oliver North weighs in on the crisis in Iraq.

  1. Handling of the Ebola crisis

    The Daily Beast columnist Michael Moynihan and stand-up comedian Jimmy Failla on how the government is handling the Ebola crisis.

  2. Do you approve of ISIS airstrikes?

    Former White House Economic Adviser Todd Buchholz and AEI scholar Michael Rubin discuss the U.S. strategy to defeat ISIS.

  3. President Obama calls for broad coalition against Islamic State

    Fox News Strategic Analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters weighs in on the war against the Islamic State.

  4. Will ISIS retaliate against the U.S. after airstrikes?

    The Independents and Rep. Thaddeus McCotter discuss ISIS and the Israel-Hamas conflict.

  5. U.S., Arab allies launch airstrikes against ISIS in Syria

    Former U.S. Ambassador to Syria Theodore Kattouf on the airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

  6. U.S., Arab allies launch airstrikes against ISIS in Syria

    FNC’s Bret Baier on the U.S. and Arab airstrikes against ISIS in Syria and security at the White House.

  7. Does Iran have greater influence on Iraq than the U.S.?

    FNC national security analyst KT McFarland and FNC Middle East and terrorism analyst Walid Phares on the Obama Administration’s strategy to defeat ISIS.

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