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Universal Health Care

Expanding preventative health care in China

iKang Healthcare Group CEO Lee Zhang on health care in China and the U.S.

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  1. ObamaCare enrollment lags behind goal of 7 million

    What's next for health care law?

  2. Powers on Ron Fournier article

    USA Today columnist Kristen Powers said Tuesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that she couldn’t agree more with the National Journal’s Ron Fournier, who wrote today he’s tired of defending the president’s health care law.

  3. Is amnesty a viable option to achieve immigration reform?

    Congressional GOP candidate Igor Birman shares how his personal experience can serve as an example for amending the law

  4. Obama warns divided Congress that he will act alone

    Former speechwriters Mary Kate Cary and Paul Orzulak on the highs and lows in the State of the Union address

  5. Benghazi does make a difference for Hillary

    Power Play: Growing Dem opposition could doom ObamaCare, Benghazi's role in 2016, and RNC to vote on their future

  6. Bias Bash: Media ignoring Hillary's very bad week?

    Justin Duckham on the media's failure to report that Hillary Clinton's 2016 chances may be coming apart at the seams

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  8. Religion returns to ObamaCare debate

    Health care experts weigh in

  9. New push for single-payer health care in America?

    Critics claim that was liberals' plan all along

  10. Power Play 12/16/13: ObamaCare makes everyone anxious

    Panel weighs in on ObamaCare. Plus - latest on budget deal and calling all passengers, what do you think of phones on planes?

  11. Are you ready for single-payer health care system?

    Signs of complete government takeover of health care gaining traction

  12. More signing up for online gambling than for ObamaCare in NJ?

    The Daily Caller Senior Editor Jamie Weinstein and Mercedes Schlapp, former spokesman for President George W. Bush, on the low enrollment on the ObamaCare website in New Jersey.

  1. Is the 7.1M estimated ObamaCare signups actually conservative?

    Tufts Health Plan Foundation CEO James Roosevelt, Jr., on the latest ObamaCare numbers.

  2. Karl Rove on political ramifications over ObamaCare fallout

    How the midterms may play out amid health law troubles

  3. Supreme Court to hear ObamaCare contraceptive mandate case

    Shannon Bream reports from high court

  4. Doctors discuss ObamaCare changes, challenges

    'Special Report' panel weighs in on Affordable Care Act

  5. ObamaCare checkup: How new law impacts Americans' budgets

    Bret Baier examines Affordable Care Act's cost curve

  6. ObamaCare Checkup: How did we get here?

    A look back at health care reform

  7. Administration: Latest ObamaCare delay 'not about politics'

    Reaction from Fox News contributor Nina Easton and The Hill's AB Stoddard

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