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Retiree Health Care

Judge has Detroit on hold

Moody’s Public Finance Group Bob Kurtter on the impact on municipalities of Detroit exiting bankruptcy.

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  1. How to Factor in Health Costs into Your Retirement Planning

    Boomers planning on relying on just Medicare to cover their health-care costs in retirement better think again.    With health care costs rising two to three times f...

  2. Returning the Post Office to Financial Stability

    USPS Postmaster General Pat Donahoe on the plan to turn the government agency around.

  3. Chicago Shell Game

    Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Steve Malanga on whether Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is dumping Chicago's debt onto taxpayers.

  4. Fiat CEO keen for Chrysler buyout

    Fiat SpA Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne said the Italian automaker would like to see the minority holder of U.S. affiliate Chrysler Group LLC sell out as soon as ...

  5. Top Financial Resolutions for the New Year

    If you have savings account rates on the brain, you are not alone. The latest New Year Financial Resolutions Study from Fidelity Investments finds that savings is a ...

  6. Tax Muni-Bond Interest?

    Former economic advisor to Governor Schwarzenegger David Crane explains how taxing muni-bond interest would impact California.

  7. Help for Retirees Flying Solo When Choosing Health Coverage

    The Annual Election period for Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplementary insurance (Medigap or Med Supp), or a Part D drug plan is in full swing and as many large e...

  8. CalPERS Sues San Bernardino for Not Making Payments

    Former Schwarzenegger Press Secretary Aaron McLear and attorney Joey Jackson on CalPERS lawsuit against San Bernardino, California, for not making payments due to bankruptcy.

  9. Will Bad Earnings Sink the Market?

    Like it or not, all streaks must come to an end. And projected Q3 corporate earnings growth is expected to be -2.7% and barring any major changes, that means the S&P...

  10. Does Obama Need to Embrace Simpson-Bowles?

    Former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker argues if Obama embraces Simpson-Bowles it would be an election game changer.

  11. Can the Ryan Plan Cut Spending?

    Former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker on efforts to rein in government spending and avoid a debt crisis.

  12. The Federal Government’s Pension Cost Overload

    “Rethinking Public Sector Compensation” author Thom Reilly on the impact of federal government employee pension costs.

  1. Flint, Michigan at risk for bankruptcy?

    FBN’s Adam Shapiro on pension problems facing Flint, Michigan.

  2. Chrysler 3Q Profit Jumps 22% on U.S. Sales

    Chrysler Group said Wednesday its third-quarter profit jumped 22% amid a surge in U.S. retail sales.The automaker also confirmed its full-year outlook for net income...

  3. Detroit Defaults on $600M of 'Unsecured' GO Bonds

    Detroit on Tuesday defaulted on more than $600 million of general obligation bonds deemed unsecured by the city's emergency manager, a city spokesman said.The move m...

  4. The Private Exchange Alternative: How it Compares to Public Health Exchanges

    With just a few weeks left until the government's state and federal health-care exchanges formally launch, companies are continuing to navigate their way through the...

  5. How to Know When You Should Claim Social Security Benefits

    One of the biggest challenges in retirement is making sure your money will last the rest of your life—and that number is on a steady rise.According to the National A...

  6. Detroit Looks to Obamacare for Pensioners' Health Care

    Detroit is hoping to lean on the Affordable Care Act to pick up its massive retiree health care tab as it tries to dig it out of bankruptcy.The Motor City is reporte...

  7. Detroit Pensioners in Flux

    Ellen Simmons has modest plans for retirement. She wanted to buy an R.V. and  travel around the country visiting family. The 63-year-old breast cancer survivor retir...

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