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Medical Leave Act

Democrats dividing America?

Independent Women’s Forum’s Sabrina Schaeffer argues Democrats are using class warfare to put Americans against each other to win elections.

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  1. 4 to Watch: Are Labor Laws Unfriendly to Families?

    Are Labor Laws Unfriendly to Families?Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.comMore women are leaving their jobs – but not for the reason you think. A new stud...

  2. Troubling facts about maternity leave in the US

    New moms in Britain get royal treatment but what about the US parents? Professor Jeanne Zaino discusses

  3. Unintended Consequences of ObamaCare?

    Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Mitchell Brooks and Tea Party activist Katrina Pierson on the impact of ObamaCare on health care.

  4. Obama focuses on health care benefits for women

    GOP leaders vow to repeal Obamacare

  5. Women's Role at Home and Workplace

    Independent Women's Forum executive director Sabrina Schaeffer on women balancing home and work.

  6. What is More Important for Recent Grads: Salary or Benefits

    For today's graduates on the job hunt, the amount of numbers on a paycheck is becoming more important than benefits such as medical insurance and retirement plans wh...

  7. Sick Workers and Paid Time Off: What Are the Rules?

    With flu season at its peak, small companies are likely feeling the toll of sick workers on both productivity levels and bottom lines. One thing business owners want to avoid throwing into this sickly winter mix—a lawsuit.

  8. What's next now that SCOTUS has upheld ObamaCare?

    Reps. Engel, Fleming, Price and Garamendi weigh in

  9. Getting Baby Time When You're a Working Mom

    In Italy, a new mother may take up to five months off from work at full pay for the birth of a child. The law in Norway is even more generous, providing more than 10...

  10. Teacher Denied Paid Leave to See Wounded Soldier

    School board denies stepmother time off

  11. Insight: Wisconsin clash spotlights U.S. labor-management rift

    By John D. StollOSHKOSH, Wisconsin (Reuters) -- Oshkosh Corp has been a rare lifeline for the beleaguered United Auto Workers , one of the few American manufacturers...

  12. Health Insurance Costs Up Sharply

    Business owners who offer health-care coverage are really “paying for it.”Employers are paying more toward their workers' health-care premiums than ever before, as p...

  1. Huckabee: A tale of two superpowers

    As Putin flexes Russia's military muscle, the Obama administration proposes shrinking ours

  2. Grapevine: Chicks dig health care?

    ObamaCare the secret to her heart?

  3. Injured and Unable to Work, What to Do

    Being injured and not able to work can be a big financial blow, especially if the injury didn't occur on the job."Unfortunately, the system is backed up against the ...

  4. 9 Regulatory Issues That Will Affect Small Business in 2014

    As small businesses prepare for 2014, they shouldn't focus solely on increasing their bottom lines.

  5. FBN at the Forbes Healthcare Summit

    FOX Business will be doing live interviews all day today with chief executives from GlaxoSmithKline, Humana, Onyx Pharmaceuticals, AthenaHealth and others at the sec...

  6. Henninger: Only American people can kill ObamaCare

    Wall Street Journal editorial page editor calls on Republicans to embrace new strategy

  7. IRS Hikes Small Business Tax Breaks Under Health Reform

    Qualifying small businesses can earn a tax credit of up to 50 percent -- the previous limit was 35 percent - to offset health insurance costs under new regulations j...

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