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Health Care Reform Bill

GOP cronyism a problem?

Sen. Mike Lee on his new crusade against Republican cronyism.

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  1. SCOTUS Health-Care Hearing ‘Great Day’ for Small Business

    Monday kicked off three days of Supreme Court hearings on the constitutionality of President Obama ’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.With three days comm...

  2. Birth Control Compromise: No Free Rides

    The Obama administration’s signature piece of legislation – health-care reform – targets excessive administrative fees as a primary reason health-care costs have spi...

  3. Sen. Hutchison: Need a President With Fresh New Ideas

    Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison weighs in on what we need to hear from President Obama during his State of the Union speech.

  4. Ariad CEO on the Three Drugs in the Pipeline for Cancer Treatment

    Ariad CEO Harvey Berger, MD, on the trial process for the firm’s drugs in its pipeline.

  5. Kay Bailey Hutchison Setting Her Own Term Limits

    Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, (R-Texas), discusses the need for new leadership in 2012 and the end of her run in politics.

  6. Retail Healthcare on the Rise

    Web Golinkin, Rediclinic CEO, on his business model and why retail healthcare is taking off.

  7. Choosing Coverage in the Age of Health Care Reform

    Confusion and cost concerns dominate the health insurance conversation for small-business owners. Here’s what you need to know.The only thing certain since President...

  8. Will Spending Cuts Go Far Enough?

    Fmr. U.S. Comptroller General David Walker on why the spending cut proposals in the budget battle don’t go far enough.

  9. House Tones Down Health-Care Debate After Shooting

    The House of Representatives, back to work after the attempted assassination of one of its members, on Tuesday staged a toned-down debate on a bill to repeal Preside...

  10. AIG Selects 4 Banks for Share Sale

    FBN's Connell McShane breaks down European stock market news.

  11. Obama Reaches Out to U.S. Business... Finally

    President Obama surely knows that the key to his re-election in 2012 will lie in creating jobs and putting a significant number of the 14.5 million Americans current...

  12. Market Overview of 2010

    FBN's business experts recap the past year's market moves and what to expect in 2011.

  1. Businesses Prepare for Weeks-Long Shutdown

    The partial government shutdown that began Tuesday could last weeks, political insiders are saying, leaving countless impacted businesses across the U.S. preparing f...

  2. Obama Touts Record 5 Years After Lehman

    President Barack Obama on Monday used the fifth anniversary of the collapse of investment bank Lehman Brothers to tout his administration's economic accomplishments ...

  3. Can the Individual Mandate be Delayed?

    Despite being held up by the highest court in the land, and countless roadblocks and delays along the way, there are just weeks until open enrollment under President...

  4. Paul Ryan and Small Business

    Republican nominee Mitt Romney's vice presidential pick, Paul Ryan,and his positions in relation to small business will be under the microscope from now until Novemb...

  5. Health Care Reform and the Big 'What If?'

    Within days, the Supreme Court is expected to decide the fate of the Affordable Care Act.If the court determines that Congress acted within its constitutional powers...

  6. Obama’s Health-Care Homework Assignment

    FBN’s Rich Edson with news that President Obama is being called upon by a federal judge to explain his recent comments on his health - care reform bill being struck down by the Supreme Court.

  7. Businesses Ponder Impact of Health-Care Reform

    The health-care reform bill’s individual mandate is getting all the attention this week as the Supreme Court heard arguments over whether the government can require ...

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