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Health Care Mandate

United States in a sad state?

Poll: Americans think nation is getting weaker

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  1. President Obama backing away from ObamaCare?

    Delays raise questions about health care overhaul

  2. ObamaCare Sparks Cuts to Full-Time Job Status

    Health reform is now causing job turmoil across the country in three key groups that the White House has depended on for support—local government, school workers and...

  3. 12 Attorney Generals sue the EPA over regulations

    Gen. Greg Abbott shares his insights

  4. Rep. Bachmann: ObamaCare is unfair to small businesses

    Fight intensifies over implementation of health care mandate

  5. What to Expect from the 2014 Heath-Care Enrollment Season

    The White House's decision to delay the employer health-care mandate with its pay or play penalties that were scheduled to go into effect next year under the Afforda...

  6. Ulterior Motives Behind Health -Care Mandate Delay?

    Rep. Phil Gingrey, (R-Ga.), on the White House decision to delay the health-care law employer mandate.

  7. How Will Health-Care Penalty Delays Impact Businesses?

    Apple-Metro CEO Zane Tankel on the White House decision to delay the employer health - care mandate .

  8. How will new job numbers impact ObamaCare?

    Economy adds jobs in second half of 2013

  9. Home Depot CEO: Health care law is a 'bad deal for America'

    Reaction to WH plan to delay health care mandate

  10. Obama Delays Employer Health -Care Mandate for One Year

    FBN's Peter Barnes on the Obama administration postponing penalties for one year for businesses who aren’t able to provide health insurance.

  11. Bennigan's burned by ObamaCare?

    CEO claims new health care mandate is stifling growth

  12. The U.S. is No Vacation Nation...Here's What a Mandate Might Look Like

    Workers in the European Union get at least 20.Canadian and Japanese employees get at least 10.Americans get zero.A recent study released by the Center for Economic a...

  1. Different versions of Obama's meeting with Pope Francis

    A tale of two meetings?

  2. Is Obama using connection with Pope to help at home?

    Ambassador Francis Rooney on the relationship between the White House and Vatican

  3. Separating fact from hysteria with the Hobby Lobby case

    Cato Institute’s David Boaz predicts the outcome of the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case.

  4. President talks to faith leaders about ObamaCare

    'The Real Story' faith panel weighs in

  5. Tips for talking about ObamaCare at Thanksgiving dinner

    'The Five' weigh in

  6. Idaho Businessman Urges Employers to Write Own ObamaCare Notice

    The Labor Dept. has required all small businesses with at least one worker and $500,000 in revenues to notify employees about the government’s new health-care exchanges by Oct. 1. But one business owner in Idaho has decided to write his own letter, rather than use the government version, as he says it is too promotional of the health-care overhaul that he believes will hurt businesses.

  7. Does Penn State health care mandate violate worker privacy?

    David Lee Miller reports from New York City

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