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Health Care Mandate

Is President Obama turning his back on the middle class?

University of Maryland Economist Peter Morici and Brad Blakeman, former Deputy Assistant to President George W. Bush, on the economic impact of Obama Administration policies.

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  1. When Government and Religion Collide

    FNC Contributor Father Jonathan Morris and Executive Vice President of the Board of Rabbi’s Rabbi Joseph Potasnik explain their respective Catholic and Jewish faiths’ views on a variety of issues ranging from contraceptives mandated by Obamacare to economic issues facing their congregations.

  2. Building An Election Portfolio

    As if investing in a post-financial-collapse world isn't hard enough, consider the latest worry the markets will have to deal with in the coming weeks: The outcome o...

  3. Health Care Reform's Bottom Line for You

    Now that the Supreme Court has upheld the government's right to require virtually all Americans to have health insurance or face a fine, what might it cost you to fo...

  4. Investor Confidence Declines

    Wells Fargo Institutional Retirement and Trust Director Joe Ready on the factors leading to the decline in investor confidence.

  5. Will Small Businesses Cut Jobs to Avoid Health -Care Mandate ?

    The Content Factory co-owner Kari DePhillips on the impact of the health-care law on small businesses and jobs.

  6. Health Care or Jobs the Biggest Issue for the Election?

    Dan Henninger of The Wall Street Journal weighs in on politics and the economy.

  7. Frank Rich on the Health-Care Law, Election

    New York Magazine’s Frank Rich on the Supreme Court ruling on the health-care law and its impact on the election.

  8. Ready to be Insured?

    By the most convoluted methods -- and narrowest of margins -- the U.S. Supreme Court approved the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), which the preside...

  9. How Doctors Will Be Impacted by Health-Care Law

    FNC’s Dr. Siegel explains what changes will occur now that the Supreme Court ruled the health - care mandate will be upheld.

  10. Is the U.S. at Risk for Another Recession?

    Wells Fargo Chief Economist John Silvia and Beacon Economics founding partner Chris Thornberg on the outlook for the economy and the impact of the health-care law and Europe.

  11. Beginning of the End for Unions?

    American Spectator founder R. Emmett Tyrell on public sector unions, liberalism and the health - care mandate .

  12. United to Keep Parts of Health-Care Law Regardless of SCOTUS Decision

    FNC’s Dr. Marc Siegel on United Healthcare’s decision to keep some elements of the health-care law even if it is struck down by the Supreme Court.

  1. Separating fact from hysteria with the Hobby Lobby case

    Cato Institute’s David Boaz predicts the outcome of the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case.

  2. Idaho Businessman Urges Employers to Write Own ObamaCare Notice

    The Labor Dept. has required all small businesses with at least one worker and $500,000 in revenues to notify employees about the government’s new health-care exchanges by Oct. 1. But one business owner in Idaho has decided to write his own letter, rather than use the government version, as he says it is too promotional of the health-care overhaul that he believes will hurt businesses.

  3. ObamaCare Sparks Cuts to Full-Time Job Status

    Health reform is now causing job turmoil across the country in three key groups that the White House has depended on for support—local government, school workers and...

  4. What to Expect from the 2014 Heath-Care Enrollment Season

    The White House's decision to delay the employer health-care mandate with its pay or play penalties that were scheduled to go into effect next year under the Afforda...

  5. The U.S. is No Vacation Nation...Here's What a Mandate Might Look Like

    Workers in the European Union get at least 20.Canadian and Japanese employees get at least 10.Americans get zero.A recent study released by the Center for Economic a...

  6. Are the Health -Care Mandate Penalties Too Weak?

    Former Gov. George Pataki, (R-NY), on the potential increase in costs for Americans because of the health-care law.

  7. Immelt, Cote Among CEOs to Meet with the President

    As many as 11 chief executives of the country's largest companies are scheduled to meet with President Obama on Wednesday to discuss a budget compromise that would h...

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