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Health Care Costs

Federal appeals court strikes down some ObamaCare subsidies

FBN’s Rich Edson, American Action Forum president Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Renmac head of U.S. economics Neil Dutta and The Independents co-host Kmele Foster on the appeals court ruling on some health-care law insurance subsidies.

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  1. ObamaCare coverage burden shifting?

    Former Obama Chief Economic Advisor Austan Goolsbee, Kadina Group President Gary B. Smith, FBN’s Charlie Gasparino and Lori Rothman weigh in on ObamaCare payment.

  2. Combating high health -care costs

    Premier Inc. CEO Susan Devore on making health - care costs more affordable and less complicated.

  3. Want a Wealthy Retirement? Follow the Math

    Short-term thinking gets a lot of people in trouble. Politicians, business leaders and movie stars all have courted disaster simply by putting too much emphasis on t...

  4. More doctors pushed to consider cost over care?

    AEI Resident Fellow Dr. Scott Gottlieb on how concerns over health - care costs could impact patient care.

  5. Tech driving down health -care costs ?

    Imaging Advantage CEO Naseer Hashim on improving efficiency in the health-care space.

  6. Hardly Time to Call ObamaCare a Success

    With eight million Americans enrolled in health insurance through federal and state exchanges, President Obama has declared the Affordable Care Act a success. That's...

  7. Hospitals now offering ObamaCare alternatives reporter Kate Rogers and CentraState Healthcare System Hospital CEO John Gribbin on efforts to reduce health - care costs .

  8. Older Americans Working Longer and Fighting to Stay in the Jobs Market

    For the last 20 years, the economic landscape has been changing as more people work later in life. But this trend, whether it is for need or enjoyment, was happening...

  9. Scammers Want Your Medical Records...Here's Why

    Turns out, it's not just your personal financial information scammers and thieves are after--they're also looking for ways to get their hands on your private medical...

  10. E-cig companies doing enough to keep their products safe?

    Victory Electronic Cigarettes CEO Brent Willis on the company and e-cig safety.

  11. Avoiding Retirement Saving Pitfalls

    Workers' confidence in their ability to fund retirement is rebounding, according to a recent survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. A positive uptick in ...

  12. Tips for Reducing Your Long-Term Medical Costs

    Health-care costs are projected to double in seven years, making it more costly than ever to treat chronic illnesses and diseases. Even at current costs, a majority ...

  1. How to play the markets today

    Huntington Funds chief investment officer Randy Bateman gives tips for boosting your portfolio.

  2. Wage growth set to rise

    Wall Street Journal editor-in-chief Gerard Baker talks economic sentiment and growth.

  3. Common Core creating a standardization of mediocrity?

    Heritage Foundation’s Lindsey Burke weighs in on the Common Core.

  4. Gentiva rejects Kindred’s takeover proposal

    FBN’s Lauren Simonetti on mid-market optimism levels, latest M&A deals and Gentiva’s rejection of Kindred Healthcare’s takeover bid.

  5. More trouble for GM: Five more recalls totaling 2.7M vehicles

    Chapwood Investments’ Ed Butowsky, FBN’s Cheryl Casone, Nicole Petallides and Lauren Simonetti on the markets, economy, 3D printing, inflation, Wal-Mart, General Motors and ObamaCare.

  6. Anthony Weiner as king?

    Anthony Weiner gives the Independents his take on how to improve the world.

  7. Rate hike on the way?

    Stifel Nicolaus’ Chad Morganlander on what events could lead to a rate increase.

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