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Health Care Costs

Hospitals now offering ObamaCare alternatives reporter Kate Rogers and CentraState Healthcare System Hospital CEO John Gribbin on efforts to reduce health - care costs .

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  1. The race card: 'One of the oldest tricks in politics'

    A prominent Democrat claims many Republicans are racist, Attorney General Eric Holder now claims he wasn't suggesting race in testy exchange at hearing. It may be a Dem tactic to divert attention and rally the base

  2. ObamaCare taxes already being felt by taxpayers

    Doug McKelway reports from Washington, D.C.

  3. Premiums rising at fast pace under ObamaCare?

    How much more you may have to pay

  4. Scammers Want Your Medical Records...Here's Why

    Turns out, it's not just your personal financial information scammers and thieves are after--they're also looking for ways to get their hands on your private medical...

  5. Better at fixing health care: government or employers?

    Fallout from new study

  6. Obama pays tribute to Sebelius, announces replacement

    Sylvia Matthews Burwell nominated for HHS position

  7. Kathleen Sebelius botches farewell speech

    Outgoing HHS secretary forced to adlib after discovering page missing from her prepared text

  8. E-cig companies doing enough to keep their products safe?

    Victory Electronic Cigarettes CEO Brent Willis on the company and e-cig safety.

  9. Gallup survey: ObamaCare signups not as high as WH claims

    Co-chair of the GOP Doctors Caucus Rep. Gingrey reacts

  10. Avoiding Retirement Saving Pitfalls

    Workers' confidence in their ability to fund retirement is rebounding, according to a recent survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. A positive uptick in ...

  11. Tips for Reducing Your Long-Term Medical Costs

    Health-care costs are projected to double in seven years, making it more costly than ever to treat chronic illnesses and diseases. Even at current costs, a majority ...

  12. Kentucky jail signing up exiting inmates for ObamaCare

    A fair and balanced debate on costs

  1. Will ObamaCare help or hurt Dems in midterm elections?

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  2. Krauthammer: On Obamacare, 'It’s working in that it exists'

    Krauthammer: On Obamacare, 'It’s working in that it exists'

  3. President hails new ObamaCare signup numbers

    Questions linger about who has enrolled

  4. Gov't says inflation tame despite grocery sticker shock

    A look at what's happening to costs

  5. President Obama: The Affordable Care Act is working

    President speaks during White House briefing

  6. Older Americans Working Longer and Fighting to Stay in the Jobs Market

    For the last 20 years, the economic landscape has been changing as more people work later in life. But this trend, whether it is for need or enjoyment, was happening...

  7. Will Census changes obscure the truth about ObamaCare?

    Critics say it will be more difficult to measure the health care law's impact

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