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Donald Berwick

Does the Left Owe Palin an Apology?

The Five discusses comments about Gov. Palin

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  1. Obamacare on Life Support?

    FOX News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel discusses the future of the administration's health-care law on its first anniversary.

  2. Study: Obama Is A Socialist

    FBN's David Asman weighs in on President Obama's policies.

  3. Cancer Survivors Fighting Medicare Czar

    FBN's Brian Sullivan sounds off on the fight against government controlled health care.

  4. The Return of 'Death Panels?'

    FNC medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel on why doctors might be encouraged to discuss end-of-life issues with the patient every year.

  5. NYT: White House Overturns ‘End of Life’ Discussion Program

    FNC medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel on reports the administration is repealing a program incentivizing doctors to have 'end of life' discussions with patients.

  6. Beck: 5 Stages of Grief

    What stage are you in?

  7. Obama Appointee on the Hot Seat

    Republicans grill new Medicare chief on Capitol Hill

  8. Obama's Controversial Recess Appointment

    President fills Medicare post while Congress is in recess, bypassing GOP opposition that threatened confirmation

  9. Obama Fills Medicare Post, Bypassing Senate

    Dr. Donald Berwick named in recess appointment

  10. Debate Over Dr. Donald Berwick

    Controversy over President Obama's pick to head Medicare and Medicaid

  11. Debate: Obama's Medicare Chief Appointment

    Obama fills post without Senate approval

  12. Obama's Controversial Recess Appointment

    'All-Star' panel on president's pick to be in charge of Medicare and Medicaid

  1. 10 people who should never touch American health care again

    Peter Johnson, Jr. weighs in

  2. New Federal Programs Aim to Improve Health Care

    For decades, Medicare patients have been falling through the communications cracks as they travel between doctors' offices, hospitals and long-term care facilities f...

  3. NLRB Faces Shutdown After Member's Term Expires

    Georgia Congressman Phil Gingrey reacts

  4. Parting Shot at Health Care Waste

    Peter Johnson, Jr. weighs in

  5. Medicare Chief to Resign After Political Standoff

    A senior U.S. official who helped lead President Barack Obama's healthcare overhaul will step down from the helm of the Medicare program after Republicans blocked hi...

  6. Planned Parenthood Battle in Hoosier State

    Panel weighs in on federal funding

  7. Fight Over Abortion Funding in Indiana

    Administration challenges state's decision to cut clinic funds

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