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Death Panels

Hillary Clinton calls for less partisan politics

Do remarks contradict Democrats' actions?

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  1. Power Play 12/24/2013: 2013 Year in review

    Chris Stirewalt and Charles Hurt take a look back at all the stories that made headlines along the Beltway and beyond in 2013

  2. Most Americans disapprove of ObamaCare?

    American Action Forum President Douglas Holtz-Eakin on Americans’ views of ObamaCare.

  3. Power Play 12/18/2013: Judge rules against NSA

    Judge blasts Obama on governance by 'secret law' and Christmas creepers for ObamaCare. Plus - Hillary gets a cold shoulder in Iowa.

  4. Power Play 11/27/2013: Biggest turkeys of 2013

    Obama is back on the attack. Plus - the panel's picks for the biggest turkeys of 2013

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  6. Does the Left Owe Palin an Apology?

    The Five discusses comments about Gov. Palin

  7. Joe Lieberman says to 'put the brakes on' Iran deal

    Iran's state media says White House is misleading public on agreement

  8. 'Nuclear option' to allow WH to fill ObamaCare panel seats

    Sparks new concerns on Capitol Hill

  9. Gutfeld: Media quick to believe stories that fit assumptions

    Couple deny not tipping gay waitress

  10. ObamaCare's impact on employer health care plans

    Second wave of cancellations looming?

  11. Coming up on Tuesday, Nov. 26 edition of ‘Special Report’

    Bret Baier gives you a sneak peek of the next show

  12. Power Play 11/25/2013: Obama not too busy for fundraisers

    Obama not too busy for fundraisers, nuclear options for Obama. Plus - Breaking down the Iran deal

  1. ObamaCare by the numbers: Do they add up?

    After a last-minute surge, the Obama administration says ObamaCare enrollment numbers exceed 7 million. But what do the numbers really mean?

  2. Obama: 7.1 million have now signed up for insurance plans

    President addresses ObamaCare enrollment

  3. Should red state Democrats start to panic over ObamaCare?

    Inside the consequences of the latest enrollment delay

  4. 'Constitutional Madness' bracket heats up

    Which cases made the Sweet 16 in the East Region?

  5. Grapevine: Victoria Nuland learns embarrassing lesson?

    Always assume someone is listening

  6. Has Bob found the fountain of youth?

    Study: Positive attitudes can keep older adults functioning longer

  7. Anthony Weiner sounds off on health care in America

    Former congressman discusses the changing political landscape

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