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Tom Corbett

  1. Debate on Shift in Energy Sector

    Kevin Book of Clearview Energy Partners and former Shell Oil president John Hofmeister discuss energy independence.

  2. Gov. Corbett: Nat Gas Fracking Key to Pennsylvania Economy

    Gov . Tom Corbett explains how the shale boom helped the Keystone State.

  3. 'Little Guys' in Pennsylvania Want Slow Brew on Privatization

    Pennsylvania lawmakers considering legislation to privatize liquor and wine sales. Some say it’s about time, but what could the pending legislation mean for the “little guy”? Some small business owners worry the bill changes too much, too quickly.

  4. Privatizing Liquor in Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett weighs in on his push to privatize liquor and wine sales in his state.

  5. Gov. Scott Walker talks CPAC, future of the Republican Party

    Wisconsin governor on 'Fox & Friends'

  6. Medicaid Expansion Not Sustainable?

    Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett on why Medicaid expansion is not sustainable in his state.

  7. FNC Video


  8. Pa. governor to sue NCAA over Penn State sanctions

    Accusations of illegal penalties for child sex abuse scandal

  9. Pennsylvania Could Lose About $300M if Fiscal Cliff Hits

    Governor Tom Corbett , (R-Pa.), on how he is preparing the state for a loss in federal money if the fiscal cliff hits.

  10. Where is the next Michigan?

    Conservative groups promise to push right-to-work in more states

  11. How are States Preparing for the Potential Fiscal Cliff?

    Gov. Lincoln Chafee, (I-RI), on concerns over the potential fiscal cliff on the Rhode Island government and the state’s defense industry.

  12. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania may soon renew bankruptcy threat as ban ends

    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Reuters) - Pennsylvania's capital city Harrisburg, neck-deep in more than $340 million debt, is on the verge of getting a powerful negotiat...

  1. Political Pros: Joe Trippi and Ryan Williams

    Joe Trippi discusses the PA gubernatorial race and Ryan Williams looks at the senate race in Colorado with host Chris Stirewalt.

  2. Preview of 2014's key primary races

    Chief political correspondent Carl Cameron reports from Washington

  3. White House cautious over uncertain truce in Ukraine

    Power Play: Uncertain truce in Ukraine, Obama budget could be costly for Dems, and union fight ahead in 2014

  4. After the Show Show: Champagne

    Samantha Barnes helps us find the right Champagne to toast the New Year

  5. Power Play 12/10/13: Podesta's new role

    White House shakeup: Panic play? Plus - looking ahead to 2014 gubernatorial elections, and Rep. Bill Johnson on Sebelius and ObamaCare

  6. Gov. Corbett: Manufacturing Creates Good Sustainable Jobs

    Gov . Tom Corbett , (R-Pa.), on the importance of manufacturing for the U.S. economy and job growth.

  7. Dow Chemical Launches Technology Center

    Liz Claman on Dow Chemical’s launch of its new Northeast technology center.

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