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GE to Build Gas-Focused Center, Create 125 Jobs

General Electric (NYSE:GE) announced plans on Wednesday to invest $110 million to build a new global research center in Oklahoma focused on the oil and gas industry in a move expected to create 125 high-tech engineering jobs.The new positions will range from mechanical and electrical to systems and software engineering, GE said at a press conference held at the state's capitol in Oklahoma City earlier on Wednesday.The launch comes as shale production ramps up in the U.S., boosting the nation's natural gas reserves. GE said the Global Research Center will initially focus on technologies that enable safe, efficient and reliable production, delivery and use of conventional oil and gas. Oil and gas was GE's fastest-growing business last year, with revenues surpassing $15 billion and new orders growing 16% in 2012."The launch of the new Center comes as the availability of unconventional resources, such as shale gas, is changing the global energy landscape and has the potential to create job...

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