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Mary Fallin

Gov . Mary Fallin : Not hopeful we’ll see a change in Obama’s policies

Gov . Mary Fallin , (R-Okla.), on the Keystone Pipeline and Obama Administration policies.

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  1. Is Infrastructure Spending the Key?

    Gov . Mary Fallin , (R-Okla.), discusses the president’s plan to boost job creation.

  2. Gov. Fallin on Efforts to Pass the Dream Act

    Gov . Mary Fallin , (R-Okla.), argues the government should focus on securing the borders rather than offering amnesty to illegal immigrants.

  3. Gov . Mary Fallin on Pension Reform

    Gov . Mary Fallin , (R-Oka.), on efforts to reform pensions to reduce the state’s government spending.

  4. Paying the Price for Government Spending

    A $1.5 trillion deficit and a $14 trillion debt—that to me would be enough of a red flag to get our government to stop spending.But no—those on the Hill and in the W...

  5. Oklahoma Biz Community Sitting on the Sidelines

    Oklahoma Governor -Elect Mary Fallin discusses how government action is affecting economic recovery in her state.

  6. Newly-Elected Governors to Target Health-Care Legislation: WSJ

    Newly-elected Republican governors were already planning to blunt key parts of the US health care overhaul and join lawsuits against it, suggesting states could trum...

  1. Gov . Mary Fallin : President is responsible for this crisis

    Gov . Mary Fallin , (R-Okla.), on the Obama Administration’s handling of the border crisis.

  2. GE to Build Gas-Focused Center, Create 125 Jobs

    General Electric (NYSE:GE) announced plans on Wednesday to invest $110 million to build a new global research center in Oklahoma focused on the oil and gas industry ...

  3. Governors Come to Washington

    With a few weeks remaining before the onset of "fiscal cliff," a bipartisan delegation of governors is set to meet Tuesday with President Barack Obama and congressio...

  4. Gov . Mary Fallin : Campaigns Have Good Days and Bad Days

    Gov . Mary Fallin , (R-Okla.), on criticism of Romney’s comments and their impact on the election.

  5. Gov. Fallin Previews Romney’s Acceptance Speech

    Gov . Mary Fallin , (R-Okla.), on what to expect from Romney’s Convention speech and the challenges for the rest of the Presidential campaign.

  6. Gov. Fallin: Obama’s Added Almost $5T to the Debt

    Gov . Mary Fallin , (R-Okla.), on the key issues impacting voters.

  7. Gov. Fallin on Efforts to Cut the Okla. Income Tax

    Gov . Mary Fallin , (R-Okla.), on efforts to cut income taxes in the state.

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