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U.S. Shale is a Boon to Manufacturers But Not Workers

This city has been down for so long, it's hard to believe what's risen up here in the heart of America's "Rust Belt."On an industrial site littered with scrap metal, a French-Japanese joint venture called Vallourec Star has just opened a $1.1 billion state-of-the-art steel pipe mill.The plant, the largest capital investment by a manufacturer in northeast Ohio since the 1960s and Youngstown's first new steel mill since the 1920s, is a big example of the money that has flowed into the state's industrial sector in recent years thanks to the surge in U.S. natural gas and oil drilling.The uptick in energy exploration has prompted companies like The Timken Co. and U.S. Steel Corp. to pump hundreds of millions of dollars into their plants in the state to boost production. Wayne Struble, the policy director for John Kasich, Ohio's Republican governor, said the flood of energy-related dollars could be a major "game changer" for the state.But state employment data, academic research and a week-l...

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    Republican Strategist Ron Christie, Democratic Strategist Hank Sheinkopf and Republican Pollster Kellyanne Conway on efforts to avoid the fiscal cliff.

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