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ObamaCare website still not secure?

Immunity Inc. Senior Security Researcher Alex McGeorge on the security of the ObamaCare website.

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  1. US economy grows 0.1% in 1Q

    FBN’s Lori Rothman breaks down the latest US economic growth data.

  2. Mounting calls to end the Electoral College

    FNC political analyst Ed Rollins on the president’s credibility, calls to end the Electoral College and immigration reform.

  3. Gasparino: AG Schneiderman got $30K in donations from Ackman before HLF

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino breaks down the latest on Herbalife.

  4. Rep. Rangel: Sequester Is No Way to Create a Budget

    Rep. Charlie Rangel, (D-N.Y.), on government spending and creating jobs.

  5. Time for Investors to Leave Bonds for Stocks?

    Interactive Data CEO Mason Slaine on the outlook for the bond market.

  6. Why Didn’t the Libertarians Win in 2012?

    Former Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson and David Boaz of the Cato Institute on the lack of electoral backing for the party.

  7. Asman: How Long Will Administration Punish Private Sector?

    FBN's David Asman, Sandra Smith and Charles Payne discuss jobs and the shutdown of the White House jobs council.

  8. Haass: Benghazi a Distraction on Foreign Policy

    Council of Foreign Relations President Dr. Richard Haass argues that the actions in Libya are overshadowing growing national-security threats.

  9. Jamie Dimon & Wall Street Arrogance

    Barofsky says the attitude on Wall Street has not changed.

  10. Avg. Illinois Household Owes $41K in State Retirement Debts

    Kristina Rasmussen of the Illinois Policy Institute on the state’s continued struggles to cover pension debts.

  11. Cox: Fiscal Policy Holding Back Economy

    Former Dallas Fed chief economist Michael Cox weighs in on the Fed, fiscal policy and his outlook for GDP growth.

  12. Did Sen. Harry Reid Approve of the GSA Scandal?

    Sen. Rand Paul, (R-Ky.), on the GSA spending scandal and Sen. Harry Reid seeking an exemption for Las Vegas from the Administration’s ban on government employee travel to resort areas.

  1. Apple ‘locking out’ government from its devices?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano on why Apple won’t unlock devices for police and Tesla’s tax breaks.

  2. Should all drugs be legalized? news editor Katie Pavlich and former Hillary Clinton aide Basil Smikle on the drug war in the U.S.

  3. Future of the economy with a GOP House, Senate sweep?

    Former Reagan economic adviser Art Laffer on the minimum wage debate, the U.S. economy, the 2014 midterms and 2016 presidential election.

  4. Mistake for Fed to focus on jobs over inflation?

    Countdown to the Closing Bell panel breaks downs what the Fed’s latest decision means for jobs and inflation.

  5. Time to legalize weed on the federal level?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano on an op-ed asking Congress to legalize marijuana and corporate tax inversions.

  6. Rating Obama’s presidency

    Richard Fowler, Jimmy Failla and Sherrod Small on a poll on the best and worst presidents since World War II.

  7. David Brat’s win not a win for Tea Party?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on David Brat’s win over Rep. Eric Cantor in the Virginia Republican Primary.

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