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How we keep our portfolio free of exuberance

An old adage in the financial markets for seekers of value is 'follow the misery.' The concept of misery is subjective and means different things to different people but the basic idea is that disappointed investors bid down prices to eventual bargain levels.Times of great misery for investors such as March 2009 coincide with terrific buying opportunities for patient, long-term owners of good businesses.The opposite of misery is exuberance. This is when risk-taking is well-rewarded and the financial markets appear benevolent. Many participants attribute investment success in such an environment to their own special insight. A bubble is when exuberance becomes so pronounced that the seeds of capital destruction are sown due to extreme overvaluation.In a bubble prices rise to levels that imply perpetually low or negative returns because investors pay too much for future cash flows. High-quality businesses like Microsoft ( MSFT ), Oracle ( ORCL ) and Cisco ( CSCO ) famously reached this l...

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  1. What does the future hold for conservative media?

    Breitbart News' Steve Bannon explains if the internet has become a 'disruptive technology' hurting traditional news sources

  2. The Skills Employers Wish College Grads Had

    Turns out, the skills and education recent college graduates acquired during their time on campus might not be serving them well when it comes to proving their worth...

  3. Senator Schumer vs. the Tea Party

    Senator Chuck Schumer on the IRS’ treatment of the Tea Party

  4. Focus on Long-term Unemployed Overdue

    "It's a vicious cycle. The truth of the matter is that it's a national crisis."John Fugazzie knows of what he speaks. The 58-year-old activist for the unemployed sta...

  5. Has President Obama kept past State of the Union promises?

    Political powerhouses Ed Rollins and Joe Trippi weigh in

  6. Stossel 01/09/2014: Equality vs. Liberty

    Is it unfair that some people make more money than others? Stossel looks at the issue of income inequality

  7. Job Insecurity: The American Worker's Reality

    Welcome to the era of low expectations.While the U.S. economy showed some signs of improvement last year, many American workers are not feeling these improvements wh...

  8. Hypocrisy at WEF: Income inequality biggest threat?

    FBN's Dennis Kneale sounds off on income inequality.

  9. Obama: America must be vigilant in the face of threats

    President addresses changes to NSA data collection

  10. Lessons learned from 25 years covering the economy

    Longtime Wall Street Journal reporter David Wessel shares his thoughts

  11. Income inequality on the rise

    Charles Krauthammer reacts to new study that says income inequality is on the rise

  12. How do you balance work and life when you're on call 24/7?

    Transformational Leadership Inc.'s Henna Inam on juggling work and well-being without burning out

  1. The Foxhole: How is US diplomacy viewed in the world today?

    American Enterprise Institute's Michael Rubin on how the US strategy of establishing a dialogue might not be our best course of action

  2. US, Europe hope sanctions against Russia are effective

    Crimea votes for secession

  3. How to profit from undervalued stocks

    Buffalo Growth Fund Portfolio Manager Clay Brethour on the undervalued stocks to boost your portfolio.

  4. How Parents Impact Earnings Capacity

    Cyrus Innovation EVP Debbie Madden on a recent study showing men raised by a single parent have lower earnings capacity.

  5. Ethan Allen CEO talks business

    Ethan Allen CEO Farooq Kathwari weighs in on the state of business.

  6. Fox Flash: Bantam bagels

    The new New York pastry upgrades the classic

  7. Does business news mislead us?

    Television and Wall Street: Why Maria Bartiromo left CNBC

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