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George McGovern

Looking at CPAC and beyond: is the game rigged?

American Exceptionalism v. America's Decline. Plus - GOP’s hunt for a 2016 Candidate to beat Hillary

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  1. CPAC's over: What's next?

    Insight from the Political Insiders

  2. Bob Woodward: The real sequester whistle blower?

    Brian Benjamin and Tony Sayegh on Woodward’s report President Obama is trying to re-write history

  3. Will the sequester force a deal?

    Brian Benjamin and Tony Sayegh discuss whether the sequester doomsday scenario is working

  4. Remembering New York City mayor, Ed Koch

    Eric Shawn recalls 1974 interview

  5. Full episode: 'Red Eye' 1/5/13

    Michael Ian Black, Nick Gillespie and Jedediah Bila discuss a trillion-dollar coin

  6. Looking Back at the Presidential Race

    The Weekly Standard Senior Writer Stephen Hayes and Lanny Davis, Former Special Counsel to Bill Clinton, on the Presidential election.

  7. Power Play 11/6/12

    Election Day big picture, House balance of power, and Democrats supreme confidence.

  8. President holds final campaign rally in Iowa

    Juan Williams analyzes Obama approach to race

  9. Media coverage of attack in Libya called into question

    Pat Caddell and Ann Coulter react

  10. Campaign Insiders 10-29-2012

    A Frankenstorm of Elections 2012 analysis - we will talk experts John LeBoutillier, Doug Schoen, and Pat Caddell.

  11. What took the media so long to ask questions on Libya?

    Interest from the press on White House response slow to develop

  12. Obama’s Spending Hurting the Middle Class?

    Hoover Institution Fellow Edward Lazear on the tax implications for the middle class of Obama’s spending policy.

  1. Special Report Online: 2/26/14

    What if Hillary Clinton doesn't run in 2016?

  2. Did Oprah's race remarks hurt her brand?

    Allen West reacts to the media mogul's comments

  3. Gutfeld: GOP is like a married couple at a car dealership

    The dealer has one goal: Break the united front

  4. Panel Plus: 10/20

    Watch the ‘FOX News Sunday' panel, Brit Hume, Julie Pace, George Will, and Chuck Lane, as they discuss the state of the GOP, in our web exclusive Panel Plus

  5. Bill Ayers Discusses Life after the Weather Underground

    Activist and dissident Bill Ayers talks about his new book "Public Enemy" and being misrepresented by the media.

  6. Cruz’s ObamaCare marathon talk-a-thon

    The Five weighs in

  7. Should we trust anyone in Washington to lead?

    Americans lose more confidence in the IRS

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