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Gang Of Six

Sen. Warner: The Economy Wants to Recover

Senator Mark Warner , (D-Va.), weighs in on the jobs report in November and fiscal cliff negotiations.

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  1. Super Committee Calls for $4T in Cuts

    Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID) on the budget cuts a group of 38 senators are calling for, which amount to $4 trillion.

  2. Reforming U.S. Tax Code to Stimulate Investment, Economy

    Sen. Mike Crapo , (R-Idaho), on the debt ceiling deal and the steps to boosting U.S. economic growth.

  3. Sen. Crapo on the Debt Negotiations, ‘Gang of Six

    Sen. Mike Crapo , (R-Idaho), on efforts to reach a deal on the debt ceiling.

  4. National Debt : Greatest Security Threat?

    Gang of 6 member Sen. Mike Crapo , (R-ID), on the debt debate and their plan to solve the debt crisis.

  5. Sen. Conrad on the Debt Talks

    Sen. Kent Conrad , (D-ND), on the progress in the debt negotiations.

  6. Tantaros: Obama is Hands-Off on Debt

    FNC's Andrea Tantaros on the debt deadline and which players are behaving irresponsibly.

  7. Timeline: How the debt talks spiraled into crisis

    (Reuters) - With financial markets on edge, White House officials and Republican leaders scrambled to reassure them that the United States will avert default and lif...

  8. 'Gang of Six' Member: Growth is the Focus

    'Gang of Six' Senator Mike Crapo argues we need major changes in our fiscal policy before the debt ceiling is increased.

  9. GOP Under Pressure to Compromise for Debt Deal

    Republican lawmakers came under mounting pressure from conservatives Thursday to reach a debt deal that would save the United States from an unprecedented default an...

  10. Clear Resistance to 'Cut, Cap & Balance' in Senate

    Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on 'Cut, Cap & Balance,' and the resistance the bill faces since it was passed in the House Wednesday.

  11. Laffer throws a Curve at the White House

    Former Reagan Aide Art Laffer discusses the ‘Gang of 6’ debt deal

  12. ‘Cut, Cap and Balance’ Plan Obama’s Best Chance at Raising Debt Ceiling?

    Sen. John Barrasso, (R-Wyo.), on efforts to reach an agreement on a debt plan.

  1. Analysis: Washington, Wall Street misreading each other again as cliff nears

    Exit presidential elections. Enter looming budget crisis. And once again, a disconnect between how Washington and Wall Street see the world could cause pain for inve...

  2. Sen Crapo: Congress Dysfunctional, Gridlocked

    Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) weighs in on the potential senate vote today on a bill to fund the government for the next six months.

  3. Sen. Chambliss: Romney, Christie Knocked it Out of the Park

    Sen. Saxby Chamblis (R-GA) weighs in on Ann Romney and Chris Christie’s speeches on the opening night of the RNC.

  4. The Supercommittee Failed, What it Means for Your Taxes

    The Supercommittee had its first organizational meeting in early September to get the ball rolling on creating legislation that would remove $1.5 trillion from the e...

  5. Rivlin: Disappointed Supercommittee Failed

    White House Debt Panel member Alice Rivlin on the continued efforts reach a deal on debt negotiations.

  6. What Happens if Super Committee Doesn’t Reach a Deal?

    FBN’s Gerri Willis on the automatic cuts that would kick in if the Super Committee does not reach an agreement on spending cuts.

  7. Can Super Committee Reach a Bipartisan Agreement?

    Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C), and Sen. Saxby Chambliss , (R-Ga.), on their efforts to push the Super Committee to reach an accord on cutting spending.

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